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Transportation Policies & Administrative Rules


Streets & Sidewalks (view all)
- TRN-1.01 - Street and Sidewalk Use Administrative Regulations
- TRN-1.02 - Tacoma Main Street Plan
- TRN-1.03 - Killingsworth Street Improvements Planning Project Final Report
- TRN-1.04 - Russell Street Improvements Planning Project Final Report
- TRN-1.05 - Street Grades
- TRN-1.06 - Street Vacation Checklist
- TRN-1.07 - Snow and Ice Response Plan
- TRN-1.08 - Pavement Maintenance Policy & Practice
- TRN-1.09 - Design Standards for Public Streets
- TRN-1.10 - Design Guide for Public Street Improvements
- TRN-1.11 - Sidewalk Maintenance Program Policy and Operating Guidelines
- TRN-1.12 - SW Corbett Traffic Calming Project Phase III Recommended Design and Project Implementation
- TRN-1.13 - Inner Powell Boulevard Streetscape Plan Final Report
- TRN-1.14 - Downtown Kenton Denver Avenue Streetscape Plan
- TRN-1.15 - Design for SW Gibbs Street Pedestrian Bridge
- TRN-1.16 - Sellwood Bridge Project Locally Preferred Alternative and Project Conditions
- TRN-1.17 - Division Streetscape and Street Reconstruction Project Report
- TRN-1.18 - Street Leaf Removal Program
- TRN-1.19 - SE Water Avenue Relocation Memorandum of Understanding and Conceptual Funding Plan
- TRN-1.20 - Outer Powell Conceptual Design Plan
- TRN-1.21 - Process and Authority for Closing Streets as Needed to Support Planned Police Public Safety and Security Missions
- TRN-1.22 - Infill Development on Streets with an Existing Sidewalk Corridor
- TRN-1.23 - Barbur Concept Plan
- TRN-1.24 - Temporary Suspension of Frontage Improvement Requirements for Qualifying Infill Development on Dirt & Gravel and Substandard Streets
- TRN-1.25 - Foster Road Transportation and Streetscape Plan

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Parking Operations

Meter District (view all)

Area/Residential Parking Program (view all)
- TRN-3.202 - Lair Hill and Gander Ridge Resident Permit Parking Areas
- TRN-3.203 - Investigation Of Improper Use Of Area Parking Permit Program Rules
- TRN-3.204 - Goose Hollow and Homestead Residential Parking Permit Programs
- TRN-3.205 - Goose Hollow Residential Parking Permit Program Modifications
- TRN-3.206 - Gander Ridge Supplemental Plan
- TRN-3.207 - Lair Hill Supplemental Plan
- TRN-3.208 - Goose Hollow Supplemental Plan
- TRN-3.209 - Central Eastside Industrial District Parking Permit Program
- TRN-3.210 - Central Eastside Industrial District Supplemental Plan Description
- TRN-3.211 - Northwest Portland Pilot Area Parking Permit Program
- TRN-3.212 - Northwest Portland Pilot Area Parking Permit Program Implementation
- TRN-3.213 - Northwest Portland Pilot Area Parking Permit Program Phase I
- TRN-3.214 - Homestead Supplemental Plan
- TRN-3.215 - Area Parking Program Fee Schedule and Cost-of-Service Analysis
- TRN-3.216 - Northwest Portland Pilot Area Parking Permit Program - 2003 PGE Park Season
- TRN-3.218 - Eliot Neighborhood Area Parking Permit Program
- TRN-3.219 - Northwest District Parking Management Plan - Phasing of NW Parking Plan

Event Parking District (view all)

Lloyd & Central Eastside Industrial Districts (view all)

Special Parking Permits (view all)

Miscellaneous (view all)

Pay and Park and Non-Pay Private Parking Facilities (view all)

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Street Lighting (view all)

Transportation Funds (view all)

Transportation Options (view all)

Transportation Planning (view all)

Right-of-Way & Access (view all)
- TRN-8.01 - Major Encroachments in the Public Right-of-Way
- TRN-8.02 - N.E. Airport Way Access Management Policy
- TRN-8.03 - Mud Tracked in the Public Right-of-Way
- TRN-8.04 - Private Sewers in the Public Right-of-Way
- TRN-8.05 - Security Gate & Doorswing Appeals Affecting the Right-of-Way (Repealed)
- TRN-8.06 - Private Rights-of-Ways (Streets, Alleys, Shared Courts, Common Greens and Pedestrian Connections)
- TRN-8.07 - Public Right-of-Way Planter Boxes (raised beds or pots) within the Furnishing Zone (planting strip) (Repealed)
- TRN-8.08 - Encroachments in the Public Right-of-Way
- TRN-8.09 – Guidelines for Clarifying, Marking, and Expanding Pedestrian Use Zones within High Pedestrian Traffic Areas as part of the Sidewalk Management Plan
- TRN-8.10 - Issuance of Revocable Permits for Use of Dedicated Street Areas for Intersection Repair Projects
- TRN-8.11 - Right of Way Leasing: Fee Structure

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Transportation Engineering & Development (view all)

Title 17 Public Improvements Administrative Rules
- Title 17 Public Improvements Administrative Rules

Rights-of-Way Use Permits (view all)

Other Rights-of-Way Permits (view all)

Miscellaneous Requirements & Information (view all)

City Vehicles & Equipment

Civil Rights

Portland Streetcar Regulations

Private For-Hire Transportation (view all)

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