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Administrative Policies & Rules


Purchasing (view all)
- ADM-1.01 - Purchasing Policies
- ADM-1.02 - Fair Contracting & Employment Strategy - 3 Year Review
- ADM-1.03 - Sustainable Procurement Strategy (Superseded)
- ADM-1.04 - Fair Contracting & Employment Strategy
- ADM-1.05 - Professional, Technical and Expert Services Contracting Manual
- ADM-1.06 - Purchasing Manual (Deleted)
- ADM-1.07 - EEO Certification
- ADM-1.08 - Purchasing Board of Appeals Rules of Procedure
- ADM-1.09 - Sustainable Procurement Policy
- ADM-1.10 - Sustainable Paper Use Policy
- ADM-1.11 - Proposal to Increase Minority-Owned, Women-Owned and Emerging Small Business Utilization in Professional, Technical and Expert Contracting
- ADM-1.12 - Biofuels Requirements for Petroleum-Based Fuels Sold in Portland and City-Owned Vehicles
- ADM-1.13 - Assigning Confidence Ratings to Project Cost Estimates
- ADM-1.14 - Professional, Technical, and Expert Policy Documents Modification to Address Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Business Subcontractor Concerns and Public Notice Requirement of City Intent to Execute Sole Source PTE Contracts
- ADM-1.15 - City Equal Benefit Requirements Expansion to Include Contract Amendments and Revenue Generating Contracts
- ADM-1.16 - Sweatshop Free Procurement Policy and Code of Conduct for Apparel Contractors
- ADM-1.17 - Sweatshop Free Procurement Policy Administrative Rules
- ADM-1.18 - Minority Evaluator on Contractor Evaluation and Selection Panels
- ADM-1.19 - Social Equity Contracting Strategy to Increase Minority-Owned, Women-Owned and Emerging Small Business Utilization in City Contracting
- ADM-1.20 - Workforce Training & Hiring Program Administrative Rules
- ADM-1.21 - Prime Contractor Development Program Administrative Rules
- ADM-1.22 - Construction Prequalification Program Administrative Rules
- ADM-1.23 – Subcontractor Equity Program Administrative Rules
- See Also - Independent Contractors


Government Relations

Public Involvement & Notification (view all)

Management Systems (view all)


Council (view all)

Archives & Records Management (view all)
- ADM-8.01 - Preservation of Archival (Historical) Material
- ADM-8.02 - Paper Size Standard - 8 1/2" X 11" (Letter Size)
- ADM-8.03 - Public Records Requests
- ADM-8.03 - Public Records Requests - Appendix - Information and Forms
- ADM-8.03(A) - Public Records Requests - Form Updates
- ADM-8.04 - Transferring Records to the Archives and Records Center (PARC)
- ADM-8.05 - City Bureau Access to Records Stored at the Archives and Records Center (PARC)
- ADM-8.06 - Public Access to Records Stored at the Archives and Records Center (PARC)
- ADM-8.07 - Standards for Storing City Records
- ADM-8.08 - Microfilm
- ADM-8.09 - Destruction of Records
- ADM-8.10 - Preparing City Record Retention Schedules
- ADM-8.11 - Identification of Bureau Vital Records
- ADM-8.12 - Management, Preservation and Storage of Electronic Records and Electronic Mail Correspondence (E-Mail)
- ADM-8.13 - Micrographic and Digital Imaging Conversion Policies
- ADM-8.14 - Scanning Standards for Bureau Records
- See Also Cultural Resource Records

Hearings Officer (view all)

Administrative Services

Risk Management (view all)

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Facilities and Property Management (view all)

Revenue (view all)

Lobbying Entity Regulation (view all)

Elected Officials

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Portland Sick Time

Regulation of Marijuana

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