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Audit Services Division

The Audit Services Division is the auditing branch of the elected City Auditor's Office.  The Division's mission is to conduct performance and financial audits of City operations, and to make recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness of City bureaus, offices and functions.  All staff are sworn Deputy City Auditors, and as such perform their responsibilities in line with City Charter and City Code provisions granting access and independence to the City Auditor.



Recent Audit Reports


Technology Services: Lack of governance hurts City projects and disaster planning (Report 460B) - 2/4/16 (PDF Document, 472kb) - HIGHLIGHTSFULL REPORT 

City Council Grants: No competition and limited oversight (Report 479) - 1/21/16 (PDF Document, 610kb) - HIGHLIGHTSFULL REPORT 

Portland Development Commission: Management of on-call contracts inconsistent with Commission expectations - (Report 474) - 1/13/16 (PDF Document, 324kb)  -- HIGHLIGHTS -- SUMMARY -- FULL REPORT

2015 Community Survey: Booming construction, traffic congestion, and costly housing - (Report 473) - 11/5/15 (PDF Document, 610kb) 25th Annual Survey -- HIGHLIGHTS --  FULL REPORT

Arts Tax: Promises to voters only partly fulfilled - (Report 472) - 7/28/15  An audit of the City's Arts Tax -- HIGHLIGHTS --  FULL REPORT

Red Light Cameras: City can fine tune some program aspects and solidify plans for future (Report 466) - 7/22/15 (PDF Document, 8,098kb) An audit of Portland's red light camera program



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Audit Services Division

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