POL Government Elected Officials Auditor Hull Caballero Divisions
Archives & Records Management
Provides storage and access to inactive and historical City records.
Assessments, Finance & Foreclosure
Collects City liens and sewer assessments.
Audit Services
Audits City operations.
Council Clerk/ Contracts
Council Clerk, City contracts repository, check disbursements and maintain City Charter/Code
Oversees elections for City offices & measures
Hearings Office
Hears and decides administrative cases
Independent Police Review
Handles complaints about police services.
Lobbying Registration & Reporting
Lobbyist registration & reporting forms.
Management Services
Provides support for activities of City Auditor's Office
Assists with complaints and concerns about other City agencies.
About the City Auditor's Office

The City Auditor is the sixth elected official of the City of Portland. The Auditor provides checks and balances in the Commission form of government, accountability for the use of public resources, and access to information for all Council members and the public. The Auditor also issues reports to the City Council and to the public on various matters of City government. The City Auditor does not have a vote on City Council or direct City operations.


The Auditor is required by City Charter to be professionally certified and is prohibited from running for any other City office while in office. The City Auditor is elected on a non-partisan basis and serves a four year term.
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