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ENB-18.60 - Chapter 13/At-Risk Program Review

Administrative Rule Adopted by Office of Neighborhood Involvement

  • Chapter 13 buildings - In 1972, the City passed Ordinance 135236 adopting Section 1313 of Chapter 13 of the Appendix of the 1970 Edition of the Uniform Building Code. This was done in order to ensure adequate fire and life safety protection for inhabitants of older existing multi-story hotels and apartment structures of 3-stories or more. Many of these older buildings did not provide adequate safeguards, such as enclosed stairways, availability of exits, fire separation, exit signs, etc. Agreements were made between the City and the building owners and changes were made to address these fire and life safety concerns. Ongoing Systematic Inspections are made on these buildings by the assigned Compliance Services Building Inspector to ensure the Chapter 13 agreements are being met.
  • At-risk buildings - In 1992 the Citizens Advisory Committee on Quality Rental Housing (CACQRH) Report was issued. Among other recommendations, the committee suggested that systematic inspections of all multi-family properties be performed if they met certain criteria. A list was compiled, and systematic inspections of these properties have been performed since that time.
The Chapter 13/At Risk program consists of approximately 418 Chapter 13 properties and 151 "At-Risk" properties. Currently, 49 of the "At-Risk" properties have been inspected, and 30 of these cases have been inactivated due to a combination of factors. A large majority of the buildings are 2-story buildings, not 3-story as are the Chapter 13 properties. The At-Risk inspector and the fire inspector are inspecting similar items - in this light, most of the At-Risk inspections appear redundant. The At-Risk inspections originally were to focus on substandard multi-family buildings. A vast majority of the properties inspected were not in this category.
It will prove beneficial to remove the "At-Risk" properties from the systematic program allowing time to focus on the Chapter 13 buildings and other duties. The Housing Section is currently adequately performing the requested inspections on the properties on the At-Risk list as they do the other 2-story or less apartment buildings in the City. They can also investigate future complaints as they arise. The supervisor of Housing, Ed Marihart had been contacted about this proposal, and is in agreement with the conclusions. This will also eliminate redundant inspections by this section.
This organizational change, effective upon approval, will aid the Construction Code enforcement program by allowing time to focus on other compliance cases and duties in a more cohesive and efficient manner.

Filed for inclusion in PPD September 28, 2005.