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TRN-3.214 - Homestead Supplemental Plan

Administrative Rule Adopted by Bureau of Transportation Systems Management Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

These are the policies which guide the issuance and use of Homestead APPP decals as approved by the members of the Homestead Area Parking Committee by January 1, 1987.
Effective 10/01/00 the homestead Area Parking Permit Program will be split into three different Zones. Zone C Zone D, and Zone E. (See attached Map  PDF Document, 75kb) This supplemental Plan applies to all three zones unless specifically specified to a particular Zone.
Any appeals for special exceptions are to be put in writing to the Homestead Area Parking Committee, c/o APPP Administrator, Bureau of Traffic Management, 1120 S.W. Fifth Avenue, Room 800, Portland, OR 97204-. The Area Parking Committee will respond within three weeks of receipt of any written requests.

The permit program shall operate Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. year-round, with the exceptions of New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
Requests for information regarding program operation should be directed as follows:
Parking Enforcement (823-5195) (Monday - Saturday 7am - 6pm)
Explanation of citations issued
Request for cancellation of citations issued
Program Administrator (823-5412) (Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm)
Instructions on how to purchase decals
Descriptions of acceptable identification materials
Explanation of program process and procedures
Comments concerning program design
Appeals for special cases
Reports of program abusers
Instructions on how to purchase decals
Descriptions of acceptable identification materials
Abandoned Auto (823-6814) (Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm)
Report abandoned vehicles
The Program Year for the Homestead Area shall be October 1st through September 30th.

Complimentary permit hours are available to any resident who has a current permit. Each permit holder may obtain up to 99 free hours (up to nine program days) of permit time to use for parties, funerals, service calls, or other needs. To obtain complimentary permit hours, the permit holder may come in person to the Permit Center or, if time permits, may contact the Permit Technician (823-6841) to obtain the permit by mail. Permit holders must bring some form of identification when applying in person.

SPD 4(a)
The following individuals have been appointed to the Homestead APPP Area Parking Committee:
Ken Deuker

SPD 4(b)
The following policies guide the issuance and usage of decals to area businesses:
1. The following shall be considered eligible to apply for business decals within the Homestead permit area:
a. Nonresident property owners (who need present only a deed, tax statement or utility bill).
b. Bed-and-breakfast/guest house proprietors.
c. Other businesses operating from commercially zoned properties platted within the permit area.
2. At the time each area business makes an application for decals for program years beginning on or after January 1, 1987, it shall present sufficient information as requested by the Program Administrator to establish its maximum annual allotment of decals.
The number of worker permits issued to a business is calculated from the payroll information submitted by the business owner. They must include an employee roster showing number of hours per employee. To know the total allotment, calculate the following:
Total hours of full or part time workers (maximum 40 hours per employee)
divided by 40. Multiply that number by .5 to determine total allotment. If the final number is uneven, round up to the next number.
3. Businesses which choose to ask for a hardship exemption in order to be able to purchase a larger number of permits must write a letter of request to the Area Parking Committee, c/o Program Administrator, Bureau of Traffic Management, 1120 S.W. 5th Ave., Room 730, Portland, OR 97204. The Area Parking Committee will consider such requests and notify applicants within three weeks of receipt of any written request.
4. It shall be the responsibility of the area business to supervise the assignment and use of decals issued to it.
5. Each business is responsible for assigning use of decals among employees, clients, or suppliers for the sole purpose of conducting business at the establishment. Reports of improper use by vehicles bearing decals registered to a business will be treated as follows:
a. The business will be notified of the alleged improper use and will be given ten days to respond in writing to the Program Administrator.
b. If no response is received within ten days, the decal shall be canceled and any vehicle(s) found displaying that decal shall be cited for improper use.
c. The Program Administrator shall decide when the business has presented sufficient proof of legitimate use. When the Program Administrator is not satisfied as to the use of the decal, he shall cancel the decal and notify the business of that action. Any vehicle(s) found displaying that decal after such notice shall be cited for improper use.
6. Business decals will not be replaced free under any circumstances. Businesses reporting lost or stolen business decals may purchase replacements after reporting which decal was lost or stolen. That decal shall be canceled. Any vehicle(s) found displaying that decal shall be cited for improper use.
7. Guest Houses or other temporary lodging units shall be allowed to purchase business decals as follows:
a. For owners and residents, one decal for each person who can demonstrate residence with the standard form of proof.
b. For other employees, according to the business formula and procedures in SPD 4(b)(2)
c. For guestrooms or units, the allotment will be determined at one guest decal per unit. The number of units shall be demonstrated by presentation of printed sales literature. A site visit will be made to determine off-street parking available and the number of off-street spaces will be subtracted from the number of units to determine the allotment.
8. For any permit year, the business decals shall be movable, static vinyl placed in the standard permit decal location.
9. Each business shall apply for decal(s) as follows:
a. Fill out the business application in its entirety.
b. Attach proof of current operation dated within thirty days (annual business license or tax statement may be included as proofs).
c. Attach employment documents as described in SPD 4(b).
d. Attach a check to pay for the number of decals desired.
e. Mail the materials to the Program Administrator.
f. The Program Administrator shall review the documentation and mail the decals to the business.
10. Each business shall sign the application, which states that they may not sell off-street parking to non-employees when such sales displace employees, requiring them to park on neighborhood streets. If a business is found doing this, they will be notified of the abuse and the decals will be canceled for the remainder of the program year.

SPD 4(c)
The following policies guide the issuance and usage of guest decals:
1. Area businesses may be issued one guest decal.
2. Each residential address may purchase one guest decal per permit year.
3. Each fraternity or sorority or similar communal living facility shall be entitled to purchase one guest decal, as with any other single unit dwelling.
4. The following limitations apply to all guest decals:
a The use of a Zone C guest permit is limited to a maximum of five days per month per single vehicle. If the vehicle is there beyond the five day limit the vehicle will be cited for permit violation and the Program Administrator will fine the permit holder$150. This will be payable and due within 30 days following the violation. No additional permits will be issued to the permit holder until all fines have been paid.
(Temporary permits for legitimate guests who plan to stay beyond the five day limit can be arranged by contacting the Program Administrator at (503) 823-5412.)
b. The permit holder may assign the decal to any vehicle for use while its occupants are actually visiting the permit holders address. Vehicles displaying guest decals and observed to be parking in a commuter pattern will be traced to the permit holder by the Program Administrator.
c. The Program Administrator will notify vehicle owners and the permit holder of alleged improper use. The permit holder and the vehicle owner must provide a written explanation within ten days. If no explanation is received, or the explanation is unsatisfactory, the guest decal shall be canceled, with notice to the permit holder, and any vehicle found displaying the decal shall be subject to improper use penalties, including the administrative penalties imposed upon the permit holder (16.20.860(E)).
5. Guest decals will not be replaced free unless a defective guest decal is presented to the Program Administrator. Permit holders reporting lost or stolen guest decals may purchase replacements decals for half price. The guest decal reported lost or stolen will be canceled. Any vehicle(s) found displaying that decal will be cited for improper use.

SPD 4(d)
The following policies guide the issuance and usage of resident decals:
1. The license number on the decal must match the license number on the vehicle If the vehicle is sold, demolished or has a change of license number (resident must provide a copy of the new vehicle registration), the permit holder may replace the decal for half price. Any vehicle(s) found displaying the lost or stolen decal will be cited for improper use.
2. Sororities and fraternities and other similar communal living units shall qualify for resident decals as follows:
a. The living unit will appoint one person as liaison to the Program Administrator. This person shall gather needed documents and be the sole spokesperson for the unit in obtaining decals.
b. The liaison shall present the proper proof of residence for each resident in order to prove current number of residents.
c. The decal will be assigned to that vehicle only and is not transferable.
d. Any mid-year requests for additional or replacement decals shall require new proofs. Former residents' decals will then be declared void and any vehicle found bearing such decal shall be cited for improper use.
3. Decals are the property of the Bureau of Traffic Management. Applicants shall sign the following statement:
"In applying for this permit, the undersigned agrees to the following restrictions:
To use the resident permit decal only on the specific vehicle to which it is assigned.
To assign any guest permit decal I obtain to persons only while they are actually visiting at my address.
To immediately surrender any rights to use any permit decal(s) if I change my address.
If I move within the permit area, I agree to notify the Program Administrator within 30 days in order to continue using my permit decal(s).
To pay the appropriate fee for any replacement decal issued as a result of changing address, license plate, or vehicle.
All permit decals remain the property of the City of Portland and may be revoked if improper use is demonstrated.
Violation of any of these understandings shall result in immediate cancellation of the permit decal(s) in question. After cancellation, any vehicle found parked in the permit area displaying a canceled decal will be cited."
The Homestead visitor time limit shall be two hours.

In effect January 1, 1987.
Revised April 12, 1995.
Revised June 1, 2002.
Filed for inclusion in PPD December 5, 2003.
(Re-indexed by City Auditor October 2005 - formerly indexed as BCP-TRN-3.21)

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