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TRN-1.01 - Street and Sidewalk Use Administrative Regulations

Administrative Rules Adopted by Portland Bureau of Transportation Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

The full text of the administrative rules is available in PDF format (418 kb). What follows are the table of contents and Purpose sections of the rules.



Section 1.   Purpose

Section 2.   Definitions

Section 3.   Application Process, Fees, and Billing

Section 4.   Categories of Special Event Permits

Section 5.   Other Permits

Section 6.   Street and Sidewalk Use Advisory Committee

Section 7.   Review Process

Section 8.   Monitors

Section 9.   Publicity

Section 10. Insurance, Liability Agreement, and Insurance Waivers

Section 11. Participant and Sponsor Acknowledgement

Section 12. Appeals


Section 1.  Purpose


The purpose of these Administrative Regulations is to implement the provisions of Portland City Code (PCC) Chapter 7.22. These Administrative Regulations provide for issuance of permits and assessment of fees for walks, marches, parades, athletic events or other processions in streets or on sidewalks based on the need to maximize the safety of Special Event participants and others; to minimize inconvenience to the general public and disruption of public services caused by Special Event permits; and, to provide the public with the opportunity to exercise constitutionally protected rights of assembly and expression.


By issuance of these Administrative Regulations, the City has attempted to provide a clear and complete description of the Special Event Permit process. Sponsors are strongly encouraged to contact the Special Events Coordinator in the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), as much in advance of the proposed event as possible, for assistance in completing the application and to ensure that the application may be processed in a timely manner. All event approvals are subject to the capacity of the City and associated agencies to provide the services required to protect the safety and convenience of the public.


Amended by Director of Portland Bureau of Transportation January 21, 2016.
Amended by Director of Revenue Bureau May 14, 2013.
Ordinance No. 176022, passed by City Council October 17, 2001 and effective November 16, 2001.