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PSF-4.02 - Firearms, Confiscated, Acquisition of

Administrative Rules Adopted by Police Bureau Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

PROCEDURE (1070.00)
The Training Division (Training) manager will prepare for the Chief of Po-lice’s approval a written request for the transfer of specific confiscated weapons. All firearms transferred to the Bureau’s control under City Code 14C.30.040 will be taken to the Bureau’s Armory and will be inventoried and inspected annually. Weapons of historical value may be transferred in accordance with DIR 1060.00.
The Training manager is responsible for the reception, storage, issuance and accountability of firearms owned by the Bureau. It will be the responsibility of the Training manager to maintain the position of Armorer.
The Armorer will:
a. Keep a current inventory of all Bureau weapons to include the manufacture, caliber, description, serial number and the responsible person or office.
b. Periodically examine confiscated weapons to ensure they meet operational requirements.
c. Issue requested weapons to each division or member by means of a hand receipt.
The Training Division manager will review annually the number and type of weapons in the Bureau inventory and, as necessary, dispose of unneeded weapons. When a weapon is no longer of use to a division, it will be returned to Training, who will either re-issue it or deliver it to the Property Evidence Division (PED) for destruction.

City Code 14C.30.040 Seizure and Disposition of Weapons
DIR 1060.00 Weapons, Dangerous and Deadly, Disposition and  Disposal of

Revised document effective January 20, 2006 and filed in PPD April 21, 2006.
Submitted for inclusion in PPD March 6, 2002.
Originally published as Directive 1070.00 of the Portland Police Bureau Manual of Policy and Procedure, August 2001.

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PSF-4.01 - Weapons, Dangerous & Deadly, Disposition & Disposal Of
PSF-4.02 - Firearms, Confiscated, Acquisition of