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PSF-2.13 - Release of Evidence - Money

Administrative Rules Adopted by Police Bureau Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

PROCEDURE (660.31)
Funds held as evidence will be released to the claimant upon disposition of the case, in accordance with the guidelines of the City Code, Chapter 14C.20.040. When money is no longer needed as evidence, the member responsible for the case will complete the Order for Property Release form and forward it to the Property Evidence Division (PED). Money worth less than $100 or that has a value other than its face value (i.e., gold, silver and foreign coins) will be re-turned directly to the claimant through the regular PED release procedures. PED will advise the claimant of the release procedures and time frame involved.
The PED will deposit the funds of $100 or more directly into the City of Port-land General Fund bank account. The Order for Property Release form will be forwarded to the Fiscal Services Division (Fiscal) for preparation of a Payment Authorization. Bank receipts for deposits will be sent to Fiscal. Under no circumstances will claimants be directed to Fiscal, City Accounts Payable, or the office of the City Auditor for payment of the refund. Fiscal will mail a warrant (check) to the claimant(s). Exceptions must go through PED.

City Code 14C.20.040 Evidence Property
Order for Property Release Form (PED)

Revised document effective January 20, 2006 and filed in PPD April 21, 2006.
Submitted for inclusion in PPD March 6, 2002.
Originally published as Directive 660.31 of the Portland Police Bureau Manual of Policy and Procedure, August 2001.