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PSF-2.11 - Pawnshop/ Second Hand Stores, Property Procedures

Administrative Rules Adopted by Police Bureau Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

PROCEDURE (660.15)
If property located at a Pawnshop or licensed Secondhand Dealer is believed to be lost or stolen, members may place a police hold on such property and initiate an inquiry as follows:
a. If the property has not been reported lost or stolen, and investigation reveals it is, initiate an investigation report.
b. Notify the place of business that a police hold is being placed on the property and that they should follow the procedures described in City Code Chapter 14B.90 (Occasional Secondhand Dealers and Secondhand Dealers). A Special Report justifying the police hold will be written for inclusion with the case file in the Records Division (Records). A copy of this report will be directed to the Special Property Investigations (SPI) Detail in the Detective Division (Detectives). The police hold will remain in effect for thirty (30) days unless released by the SPI Detail.
c. If the place of business in not open during the member’s working hours, a police hold may be accomplished by directing a request, via a Special Report, to the SPI Detail.
Members, other than SPI Detail detectives, will not remove suspect property from a Pawnshop or licensed Secondhand Dealer, nor will they return the property to the alleged owner. Property removed from a Pawnshop or licensed Secondhand Dealer by a SPI Detail detective will be placed in the Property Room pending final disposition.
Citizen inquiries will be referred to the SPI Detail. Outside agencies who need to place police holds on property located at a Pawnshop or licensed Secondhand Dealer must do so through the SPI Detail or Detective command members. The agency placing the police hold will be requested to provide the SPI Detail with a copy of the police report regarding the loss/theft and any suspect information.

City Code Chapter 14B.90. Application for Permit, Occasional Secondhand Dealers and Secondhand Dealers

Revised document effective January 20, 2006 and filed in PPD April 21, 2006.
Submitted for inclusion in PPD March 6, 2002.
Originally published as Directive 660.15 of the Portland Police Bureau Manual of Policy and Procedure, August 2001.