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PSF-2.04 - Partnership Agreements

Administrative Rules Adopted by Police Bureau Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

POLICY (630.37)
Members will be trained, recognized and supported in problem-solving and Partnership Agreements. The Bureau recognizes that the quality of life and the reduction of actual crime, as well as the fear of crime, is greatly impacted by problem-solving initiatives of the Bureau and concerned members of our community.
PROCEDURE (630.37)
Directive Specific Definitions
Good Neighbor Plans: Plans of action pre-dating Partnership Agreements. These agreements have their roots in land use issues.
Partnership Agreements: Assist to define the strategies and responsibilities of different resource providers in leveraging and managing resources against a liv-ability issue or problem. The agreement does not depend on enforceability in a court of law for its value, but rather on the spirit of cooperation and willingness to work together to make our community a better, safer place to live and work.
City of Portland Partnership Agreement Workbook : A city-wide problem-solving workbook, which culminates in and supports a Partnership Agreement. The format for the workbook was developed by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, District Coalition Boards and the Bureau. A copy of the workbook is available through Planning and Support Division.
Member Responsibilities (630.37)
a. Assist in problem-solving partnerships, as both a facilitator and participant.
b. The Partnership Agreement Workbook should be used whenever developing a Partnership Agreement in order to document the process.
c. Members shall not volunteer unknowing resource providers, (i.e., Re-cords Division, Data Processing, Planning and Support’s Statistical Unit).
d. Special attention shall be given to the dissemination of criminal justice information (DMV, LEDS, NCIC, or PPDS computer information or printouts, and copies of police reports) to anyone outside the Bureau. The Records Division or City Attorney’s Office can be contacted for assistance.
e. Members shall strive to ensure that agreements are consistent with Bureau goals and values and meet federal, state, county and city law.
f. Members shall submit a Partnership Agreement or Good Neighbor Plan for RU manager review before they sign and engage the Bureau.
g. Keep the PIO (Public Information Officer) apprised of agreements being developed.
h. After signing, a copy of the Partnership Agreement and the supporting workbook will be forwarded through channels to the Planning and Support Division where they will be indexed and placed on file as a reference and made available for others.
Supervisor Responsibilities (630.37)
a. Assist members and citizens to the degree necessary and practical to develop and implement a partnership agreement.
b. Review agreements to assure the following components are clear:
1. Problem statement.
2. Goal(s).
3. Response strategies.
4. Assignments or responsibilities of resource providers.
5. Dates: anticipated starting, anticipated ending, and assessment/evaluation date.
6. Evaluation/assessment members.
7. Assessment method identified.
8. Copy of workbook.
9. Agreement is consistent with Bureau policy and goals.
10. Agreement is not in conflict with other agreements.
11. Agreement does not unknowingly commit an RU, city or private agency to some action they have not agreed to do. (Check to see if they are a signer.)
12. Bureau has resources to fulfill its commitment.
RU Manager Responsibilities (630.37)
Because members sometimes change assignments before Partnership Agreements are fulfilled, and because agreements and Good Neighbor Plans some-times have budgetary implications and can be in conflict with goals and values, it is the Bureau’s policy that an RU manager review will occur before a member signs and engages the Bureau into an agreement. This is not meant to preclude or discourage member’s participation in and development of agreements.
a. RU Managers will ensure that members are appropriately supported and recognized for their initiative in problem-solving.
b. Review Partnership Agreements or Good Neighbor Plans.
c. Ensure the participants who are instrumental in the agreement’s strategies and those who were instrumental in the development of the partnership agreement sign the agreement.
Planning and Support Division Responsibilities (630.37)
a. Maintain, as complete as possible, a reference resource library and index of Partnership Agreements occurring within the City, regardless whether the Bureau is a signatory or not.
b. Partnership Agreement indexes are available through the Intranet.
c. Provide completed Partnership Agreements, Workbooks, or Partnership Agreement indexes on request.

City of Portland Partnership Agreement Workbook

Revised document effective January 20, 2006 and filed in PPD April 21, 2006.
Submitted for inclusion in PPD March 6, 2002.
Originally published as Directive 630.37 of the Portland Police Bureau Manual of Policy and Procedure, August 2001.