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PSF-2.02 - Harbor Responsibilities

Administrative Rules Adopted by Police Bureau Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

PROCEDURE (630.20)
Marine duties, including enforcement of harbor rules and regulations as contained in City Code 19, are the responsibility of the Fire Bureau (PFB).
a. Investigation of crimes occurring on or about the river continues to be the concern of the Police Bureau.
b. PFB members will contact the Police Bureau if such crimes come to their attention.
c. If crime scenes are not readily accessible from land, the PFB will furnish transportation to the site.
Precincts will assume complete police responsibility for waterfronts and shorelines within their boundaries. Commanders will ensure active patrol in these areas.
Requests for marine services will be referred to Bureau of Emergency Communication (BOEC).
a. Each PFB boat will be equipped with radios capable of operating on police frequencies.
b. When it is necessary for police to communicate directly with these craft, BOEC will arrange for transmission.
In emergency situations, the Multnomah County Sheriffs Office (MCSO) River Patrol can also be called upon for assistance. BOEC will coordinate all requests for assistance from MCSO River Patrol

City Code 19 Harbors

Revised document effective January 20, 2006 and filed in PPD April 21, 2006.
Submitted for inclusion in PPD March 6, 2002.
Originally published as Directive 630.20 of the Portland Police Bureau Manual of Policy and Procedure, August 2001.