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December 4, 2001

Independent Police Review Division
Citizen Review Committee
December 4, 2001
The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by Chair Lopez and reviewedthe ground rules..
Members present: Hector Lopez, Chair; Robert Ueland, Vice Chair; Member;Ric Alexander, Member; Eric Terrell, Member; Denise Stone, Member; BryanPollard, Member Alice Shannon, Member TJ Browning,  Member; HenryMiggins, Recorder
IPR Staff present: Carol Kershner, Office Manager; Robert Wells,Research Assistant; Linly Rees, Deputy City Attorney.
Approval of minutes of November 20, 2001 meeting: Member Ueland moved,Member Shannon second that the November 20 , 2001 minutes be approvedwith the following corrections: Member Shannon was present at theNovember 20, 2001 meeting; The advisory motion” to accept publiccomments to policy issues or quality of investigation issues relevant tothe case under consideration” to “to accept public comments after themember vote on policy issues or quality of investigation issues relevantto the case under consideration”. Amended minutes approved byunanimously vote of the CRC.
CRC Business: Chair Lopez noted that in order to catch up with hearing we will need a two full day hearing. There was considerable discussion about the tentative schedule of CRC hearings presented by chair Lopez. Member Browning asked that the schedule be altered because she hadadvised the CRC that she had prior commitments. Member Pollard will notbe able to be present for the February 5, 2002 hearing.
Member Browning moved, Member Stone seconded that one of the monthlymeeting dates be moved from a Tuesday to any other day of the week. Themotion was discussed and the Chair proposed to add an additional fullday to all (sometime in March) for the change in dates.
The CRC agreed by consent and member Browning withdrew the motion,Member Stone withdrew the second.
By consent, the CRC agreed to have full day hearing on January 10,February 13 and March 14, 2002.
Workgroup Chair Shannon presented the minutes of the Conduct andPerformance Workgroup which contained proposals for how the CRC conductits business and pointed out the need to have the election as apriority. Because the elected officers will take office on January 1,2002, the nominations and/or elections should be set up immediately.There was discussion and questions about the duties of the ExecutiveCommittee. Chair Lopez asked Deputy City Attorney Rees to assist withthe definition of the Executive Committee. The chair set over furtherdiscussion on the matter to the December 13, 2001 meeting.
CRC Training: Member Pollard introduced Meg Kaveny of Project Respondand JoAnn Bowman of the NAACP. Each of the guest presenters discussed their respective groups functions and how the CRC might interact with them. There were questions and answers along with additional discussionsabout community relations and outreach.
Public Comments: Mary Rooklige, Diane Lane and Dan Handelman. DanHandelman and Diane Lane, Portland Copwatch, presented a paperdiscussing matters that had been raised at previous CRC  meetings in thepublic comments section.
Meeting adjourned at 8:32PM.