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November 20, 2001

Independent Police Review Division
Citizen Review Committee
November 20, 2001
The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by Chair Lopez. Vice ChairUeland agreed to take minutes until Recorder Miggins arrives.
Members present: Hector Lopez, Chair; Robert Ueland, Vice Chair; Member;Ric Alexander, Member; Eric Terrell, Member; Denise Stone, Member; BryanPollard, Member; Alice Shannon, Member; Henry Miggins, Recorder.
IPR Staff and other City Staff: Richard Rosenthal, Director; MichaelHess, Deputy Director; Robert Wells, Research Assistant; Linly Rees,Deputy City Attorney.
Approval of Agenda: Member Terrell moved, Member Shannon seconded, thatthe agenda presented be approved. Motion carried.
Yes, Alexander, Lopez, Pollard, Shannon, Stone, Terrell, Ueland. Absent,Browning, Miggins.
Introductions: Director Rosenthal introduced the new office manager,Carol Kershner.
Review of Ground Rules: Chair received agreement of committee members toask community members to sit at the table.
Approval of minutes of November 6, 2001 meeting: Member Terrell moved,Member Alexander second that the November 6, 2001 minutes be approvedwith the correction of Member Stone’s vote FROM “yes” to “abstain” on amotion that each member assign themselves to a workgroup. Motion carried.Yes, Alexander, Lopez, Pollard, Stone, Terrell, Ueland; Absent,Browning, Miggins, Shannon.
CRC Retreat: Discussion by Member Terrell. Deputy City Attorney Reesdealt with the public meetings aspect. Member Shannon suggested amarathon meeting. The matter was referred to the Outreach workgroup.
Director’s report: Director Rosenthal read a letter explaining thestatus of the CRC action on appeals pending. He explained that he wasworking with IAD, City Attorney and the Union as relates to complaints.The Director requested a CRC member to coordinate the December 4thmeeting as a training only session. Member Stone agreed to be the leadperson. The Director and Deputy Director will be out of town for that meeting. He discussed the possibility of a PSU Intern to staff theoutreach activities.
The Director offered to check on reimbursement for CRC member’s parking.
The Director reviewed the proposed appeal procedures. Member Uelandmoved, Miggins second an advisory motion to accept public comments after the member vote on policy issues or quality of investigation issues relevantto the case under consideration. The motion failed.Yes, Miggins, Shannon, Ueland. No, Alexander, Lopez, Pollard, Stone,Terrell. Absent, Browning. Director Rosenthal will provide the finished appeal procedures to the CRC at a later meeting.
Community Outreach Workgroup: CRC Vice Chair Ueland opened thediscussion relative to the CRC Outreach Workgroup memo of activities.Workgroup Chair Terrell discussed elements of the workgroup’sactivities. WG Member Pollard directed attention to the CRC training andstated that other elements of the community would like to providetraining to the CRC. An example, the CRC could benefit from hearingfirst-hand from the African-American, Latino, Homeless and Mental Healthcommunities.
WG Chair Terrell discussed other elements of the workgroup’s activities,i.e., CRC Seating arrangement, Executive committee, Outreach Workgroupprocedures and protocol and the retreat. There was extensive discussionsabout the make-up of the Executive Workgroup.
Member Alexander inquired about how intake will be accomplished.Director Rosenthal addressed the question and noted that intake will behandled by IAP.
Public Comments: Mary Rooklidge, Diane Lane and Dan Handelman.
Meeting was adjourned.