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October 23, 2001

Independent Police Review Division
Citizen Review Committee
Tuesday, October 23, 2001
  • CRC members present: Ric Alexander, TJ Browning, Hector Lopez, Henry Miggins, Bryan Pollard, Alice Shannon, Denise Stone, Eric Terrell, Robert Ueland
  •   CRC members absent: None
  • IPR staff present: Richard Rosenthal (director), Michael Hess (deputy director), Joseph De Angelis (Management Analyst), Ben Panit (Intake Investigator), Judy Taylor (Intake Investigator), Robert Wells (Research Assistant)
  • Other resource staff present: Gary Blackmer (city auditor), Darrell Schenk (IAD captain), Steven Bechard (IAD lieutenant), Linly Rees (deputy city attorney), Robert King (president, Portland Police Association)_
  1. Meeting was called to order by Richard Rosenthal at 6:10 p.m.
  2. Introductions: staff and community participants introduced themselves, CRC members gave a brief personal background and comments to why they were interested in serving on this police review committee.  Director Rosenthal summarized his background, which included 15 years as Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County and investigation and prosecution of scandal and corruption within the Los Angeles Police Department’s Rampart Division.
  3. Former PIIAC citizen advisors (Robert Wells and Jim Simpson) addressed the CRC members regarding lessons learned while serving on PIIAC
    1. Mr. Simpson stressed the importance of maintaining impartiality and neutrality when conducting CRC investigations and appeals.
    2. Mr. Wells read from a prepared statement in which he recommended that the CRC continue its monitoring function, maintain regular communication with IAD, review all documents in IAD files, and listen to tapes associated with the files.
  4. History of PIIAC and IPR: Hike Hess gave a brief history of the evolution of citizen oversight of law enforcement in Portland from the origins of PIIAC through the formation of IPR.  Mike distributed two handouts ("IPR History 101” and “Brief History of Citizen Oversight of Law Enforcement in Portland, Oregon”).
  5. Legal issues affecting the CRC: Linly Rees, deputy city attorney, explained the Oregon statutes regarding public meetings and handling of public and confidential documents.  She referenced the Oregon Revised Statutes and Tab 2 of the CRC training manual.  Linly and Richard advised the CRC members of the following policies:
    1. Legal questions are to be addressed to Linly Rees through Richard Rosenthal
    2. Meetings of the CRC must be open to the public whenever a quorum (five members) is present.  This also applies if five or more members “meet” via an Internet chat room or participate in a conference call.
    3. Public notice must be given no less than 24 hours before a meeting, but preferably at least a week prior to a regularly scheduled meeting.
    4. Burden of proof to be used by CRC will be the “reasonable person” standard, as defined in the IPR city ordinance 3.21.020(R)
    5. Release of documents: Richard will handle all public records requests
  6. A motion was made by Bob Ueland that no members will discuss with the media or the public CRC business and decisions.  The vote on this motions was unanimous.
CRC Member
  1. Relationship of IPR Director with the CRC: Richard discussed the primary functions of the IPR and its support role to the CRC.  He explained that he sees his role as that of “Executive Director” to the CRC, which includes facilitating and assisting the CRC in the performance of its charge and advising the group as needed and when appropriate.
  2. Selecting chair and vice chair: Richard proposed various options.  One option was for Richard and Gary Blackmer to select an interim chair and vice-chair, who would serve until the end of December 2001, at which time a full-term chair and vice chair would be elected by the committee.  The committee chose this option by unanimous vote. **Ric Alexander and Bryan Pollard stated they did not want to be considered for interim chair and vice chair.
  3. Richard reviewed the CRC training manual.  Members were asked to review Tab 3 in the manual in preparation for the next training session which will cover Internal Affairs policies and procedures.
  4. The committee discussed future meeting schedules.  Richard suggested that meetings should be held twice monthly until essential training is completed and current case backlog is reduced.  The committee voted unanimously to meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  5. Richard announced that Defensive Tactics and Control Tactics training will be provided by the Portland Police Training Division for CRC members and IPR staff.  A sign-up sheet was distributed for CRC members to sign up for a training session either November 1,3, or 5.
  6. Richard encouraged CRC members to go on a ride-along with a Portland Police officer within the next month.  Lt. Bechard has offered to coordinate the ride-alongs.
  7. Community input was provided by Mary Rooklidge, Diane Lane (Portland Cop Watch), Dan Handelman (Portland Cop Watch).
  8. Robert King addressed the CRC members on behalf of the Portland Police Association.  He offered the PPA’s support and assistance to the CRC members.
  9. Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
  Recorder: Eric Terrell   *approved