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December 17, 2002



MINUTES FOR December 17, 2002 (approved January 21, 2003)

CRC members present: López (Chair), Stone (Vice-Chair), Alexander, Browning, Butzbaugh, Jaffe, Pollard, Ueland, Miggins

IPR staff present: Blackmer (City Auditor), Rosenthal (IPR Director), Hess, DeAngelis, Stewart, Rees (Deputy City Attorney)

IAD staff present: Captain Schenck, Lt. Babnick, Sgt. Morrow
  1. Chair López called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.
  2. Introductions
  3. The CRC unanimously approved the 10/15/02 minutes with one amendment by Miggins (that Eric Terrell has agreed to serve on the Internal Process Work Group as a “community person.”)
  4. IPR Director’s Report: Richard Rosenthal

    • Bryan Pollard has given notice that he has been selected for a position working for the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. Auditor Blackmer has asked Douglas Montgomery, the next highest scoring candidate in the 2002 CRC selection process, to take Bryan’s place on the CRC.

    • IPR will soon be implementing digital recording in place of tape recordings for meetings, interviews, etc.

    • Website reporting of complaints will be implemented soon.

    • Officer-involved shootings review is ongoing. The reviewers have been asked to include in their review the PPB’s awards policy.

    • IPR has sent CRC No. 02-28, which was scheduled for a prehearing, back to IAD for possible change to a Service Complaint. The appeal will be on hold until this is decided.

    [TJ Browning expressed concerns about the way a new CRC member was selected to replace Bryan Pollard. The specific issue of Bryan’s replacement, as well as the broader issue of developing a protocol for selecting members to replace members who resign before finishing their terms, was referred to the Internal Process Work Group for discussion.]
  5. Work Group Reports

    Internal Process Work Group (Miggins): Internal Process WG is continuing its work on protocol issues.

    Policy Work Group (Stone): No meeting since November. Continuing work on profanity, detox, and officer ID policies. Next Policy WG meeting is scheduled for December 20 at 8:00 a.m.

    Outreach Work Group (López): Outreach WG has not met. Will advise of next meeting.
  6. The newly revised Communication Protocol (approved at the last meeting) was handed out.
  7. The Work Group Protocol was presented for approval. Bob Ueland moved to adopt the protocol. TJ Browning seconded. Chair López proposed a friendly amendment to add the wording “and Chair and Vice Chair of CRC” to section 1.a. Protocol was unanimously accepted with the above amendment.
  8. Hearing: CRC No. 02-17 (IAD No. 01-177)

    The appellant was present with his attorney, Sarah Silberger, and another attorney. Ms. Silberger requested a continuance of the hearing. After discussion of the request for a continuance, Toni Jaffe moved that the CRC proceed with the hearing and that a maximum of two hours be granted for the hearing tonight. Denise Stone seconded this, and the vote was unanimous to proceed with the hearing with the proposed time extension.

    The hearing began at 6:30 p.m.

    Chair López reviewed the hearing protocol.

    Deputy Director Hess summarized the Hearing Report.

    The appellant’s attorney and three witnesses presented on behalf of the appellant.

    PPA President Robert King presented on behalf of the officers.

    IAD Captain Schenck presented the rationale for the Police Bureau’s findings.

    • After full discussion, Hank Miggins moved that the Police Bureau’s finding on Allegation No. 1 be affirmed. Seconded by Bob Ueland. This motion was defeated 6-3.

    No: Pollard, Butzbaugh, Browning, Alexander, Stone, López,

    Yes: Miggins, Ueland, Jaffe

    • Ric Alexander moved that the CRC recommend changing the finding on Allegation No.1 to “Insufficient Evidence with Debriefing.” Seconded by Bryan Pollard. This motion was defeated 8-1.

    No: Butzbaugh, Browning, Alexander, Stone, López, Miggins, Ueland, Jaffe

    Yes: Pollard

    • TJ Browning moved that the CRC refer this case to IPR for an independent investigation. This motion was defeated 5-4. Seconded by Denise Stone.

    No: Pollard, Alexander, Miggins, Ueland, Jaffe

    Yes: Butzbaugh, Browning, Stone, López
• Ric Alexander moved that all allegations be sent back for re-investigation through the IPR intake process. Seconded by Denise Stone. This motion passed 7-2.

Yes: Pollard, Butzbaugh, Alexander, Stone, López, Miggins, Browning

No: Ueland, Jaffe
  1. The CRC unanimously approved rescheduling tonight’s prehearings to the January 21 meeting.
  2. Elections were held for CRC offices:

    • Héctor López was unanimously re-elected as Chair.

    • Denise Stone was unanimously re-elected as Vice Chair.

    • Bob Ueland was unanimously re-elected as Recorder.
  3. New Business: The protocol for terms of office and month that elections are held was referred to the Internal Process Work Group.
  4. Public Comment: Dan Handelman and Diane Lane, Portland Copwatch.
  5. Meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:30 p.m.