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November 19, 2002

MINUTES FOR November 19, 2002 (approved December 17, 2002)
CRC members present: López (Chair), Stone (Vice-Chair), Alexander, Browning, Butzbaugh, Jaffe, Pollard, Ueland, Miggins
IPR staff present: Blackmer (City Auditor), Rosenthal (IPR Director), Hess, DeAngelis, Stewart, Rees (Deputy City Attorney)
Chair López called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.
  1. Introductions
  2. IPR Director's Report: Richard Rosenthal
  3. Timeliness goals for investigations are still not being fully met, but there has been progress and we will continue to work on this.
  4. Director Rosenthal asked the committee how they would like to be involved in the preparation of the annual report. Stone proposed an "Annual Report Ad Hoc Work Group" consisting of one member of each standing work group. This proposal was accepted unanimously.
  5. The CRC unanimously approved the 10/15/02 minutes with one amendment by Butzbaugh.
  6. Work Group Reports
    1. Policy Work Group (Stone): A lead person on the work group has been assigned for each identified policy issue. (Profanity: Stone; Hooper Detox: Ueland; Officer identification: Alexander). Auditor Blackmer, Stone, and Hess interviewed Jane Braaten of the PPB Planning and Support Division regarding development and review of PPB directives.
    2. Outreach Work Group (López): Meeting last week was canceled. Next meeting date has not yet been decided.
    3. Internal Process Work Group (Miggins): Eric Terrell has agreed to serve on the work group as a community person. Issues that were referred to the work group will be discussed later in the meeting.
  7. Communications Protocol
    1. E-mail Records Retention Process: three options of e-mail retention were proposed.
      1. Members send a copy of all CRC business-related e-mails sent to more than one other member to the Deputy Director for retention purposes. Members shall retain copies of CRC business-related e-mail correspondence between themselves and one other member.
      2. Members send a copy of all CRC business-related e-mails to the Deputy Director for retention purposes.
      3. Members shall retain copies of all CRC business-related e-mail communications pursuant to the records retention or may provide copies of those communications to the IPR at he time of the communication or upon completion of their service.
      Ueland made a motion to adopt option number 2; seconded by Jaffe. Motion did not carry.
    Browning made a motion to adopt option number 3 as part of the Communications Protocol. Seconded by Stone. Motion carried unanimously
    (Clarification was made by Ueland after the vote, and all agreed, that adoption of Option Number 3 does not preclude individual members from sending copies of their e-mails to the IPR Deputy Director for retention if they prefer to do so.)
    1. Protocol No. 02-04 on Public Comments by CRC Members: Miggins stated that the Internal Process Work Group had no proposal to the full CRC regarding this matter. There was a lengthy discussion on current protocol governing public comments by CRC members. Consensus was to continue following the current protocol.
    [Browning left.]
  8. Reconsideration of CRC Decisions: Chair López raised the issue of whether CRC should have a policy regarding reconsideration of prior CRC decisions on cases. Consensus was to refer this issue to the Internal Process Work Group.
  9. Food: Alexander will donate a refrigerator to IPR for soft drinks, water, etc. This will reduce the cost of soft drinks and water by allowing the purchase of larger quantities. Alexander will put together various possible menus for the group's consideration.
  10. Hearing on CRC No. 02-17: Director Rosenthal proposed that the CRC proceed with the hearing of this case. Pollard made a motion to schedule this hearing for the December 17 meeting. López seconded this. CRC voted unanimously in favor of the motion. There was consensus among the committee to assign one of the new CRC members to replace Eric Terrel in the review of this case.

    [Chair López left. Vice-Chair Stone assumed duties of Chair.]
  11. Review of the requirements of State Public Meeting Law (Rees)
  12. Work Group Protocol (presented by Miggins): the Internal Process Work Group presented a draft protocol governing work group procedures. There was a lengthy discussion of whether or not work group mission statements should be included in the protocol. This issue was not decided, but there was strong reaction that each work group is responsible for the wording of its own mission statement and that the mission statements should not be contained in the work group protocol. There was consensus to continue this discussion at a later date, but that all requirements of the State Public Meetings Law must be met for all work group meetings.
  13. 2003 Elections: It was announced that the elections of officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Recorder) would be held at the December 17 meeting. Ueland suggested that the committee should consider the possibility of changing the terms of office to October 1 - September 30 to coincide with the terms of CRC members. No decision was made on this at this time.
  14. The members of the Annual Report Ad Hoc Work Group will be Ueland (Policy Work Group), López (Outreach Work Group), and Miggins (Internal Process Work Group). They will meet with DeAngelis to discuss the involvement of the CRC in the production of the Annual Report.
  15. No new business
  16. Public Comment: Diane Lane (Portland Copwatch); Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch); Jason Wallace (Portland State University graduate student).
  17. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.