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October 15, 2002

MINUTES FOR October 15, 2002 (approved November 19, 2002)
CRC members present: López (Chair), Stone (Vice-Chair), Alexander, Browning, Butzbaugh, Jaffe, Pollard, Ueland
IPR staff present: Blackmer (City Auditor), Rosenthal (IPR Director), Hess, DeAngelis, Stewart, Rees (Deputy City Attorney)
PPB staff present: Captain Schenck (IAD), Lieutenant Babnick (IAD), Detective King (PPA)
  1. Chair López called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.
  2. Introductions

    Mia Butzbaugh and Toni Jaffe officially took their seats on the CRC.
  3. The minutes of the CRC meetings of 9/16/02 and 10/1/02 were unanimously approved.
  4. IPR Director’s Report: Richard Rosenthal

    The Portland Police Bureau has accepted the changes recommended by the CRC regarding the following two CRC appeals which had been pending the decision of the PPB Review Level Committee.

    · CRC No. 01-10: Courtesy: Insufficient Evidence changed to Sustained.

    · CRC No. 01-17: Conduct: Exonerated with Debriefing changed to Sustained and Conduct: Exonerated with Debriefing changed to Conduct: Insufficient Evidence with Debriefing

    Director Rosenthal advised the CRC members regarding Oregon state rules on record retention, including IPR/CRC-related e-mails sent by CRC members to other members. He suggested that Deputy Director Hess be copied on all such e-mails so that IPR may take responsibility for retaining them. He provided all members with a copy of the state law governing record retention and the penalties of non-compliance.

    Joseph DeAngelis is preparing the third quarter 2002 IPR report. If CRC members want to contribute anything to the report, they should coordinate this with Mr. DeAngelis.
  5. CRC Recorder: Bob Ueland volunteered to replace Alice Shannon as CRC Recorder. He was unanimously affirmed. For this office. The principal duties of this office are to record the votes at CRC meetings and to review the draft minutes before distribution to the other CRC members.
  6. Organization of Workgroups:

    Ric Alexander made a motion to limit workgroup membership to three members and allow only one CRC member who is not on the workgroup to attend (to avoid having a quorum at workgroup meetings and thus not required to follow the rules of the state public meetings law regarding agenda, minutes, etc.) This motion did not carry.

    Members agreed to keep the workgroups operating the way they are now (i.e., under the rules of the state public meeting law); the workgroup chairs were enjoined to provide advance notification, written agendas, and minutes for workgroup meetings.

    Chair López reminded members that the charge of the workgroups is to be representative of the full CRC and to bring proposed items back to the full CRC for the discussion and endorsement.
  7. Hearing

    CRC No. 02-24 (IPR/IAD No. 2002-C-0162). In this case, the appellant alleged that police officers unlawfully entered his apartment and placed him in protective custody.

    Due to the sensitive nature of the incident, the appellant requested that the hearing be held in executive session. All members of the public with the exception of media were instructed to leave the hearing.

    IPR Deputy Director Hess summarized the IPR report.
    The appellant gave his testimony about the incident.
    Detective Robert King, PPA President, represented the officers.
    Captain Schenck summarized the IAD findings.

    Pollard moved that the case be returned to IAD for investigation. Stone seconded the motion. Alexander proposed a friendly amendment, accepted by Pollard, to add an allegation that the officers wrote and inaccurate report.

    Motion was defeated by a vote of 7 to 1.

    Yes: Pollard,

    No: Browning, Alexander, Ueland, López, Butzbaugh, Jaffe, Stone

    Stone made a motion to affirm the declination of allegations 1, 2, and 3 and to return the remaining allegations (including the added allegation of inaccurate report writing) to IAD for investigation. There was no second for this motion.

    Butzbaugh made a motion to return only the allegation of incorrect report writing to IAD for investigation. This motion was seconded.

    Motion was defeated by a vote of 6 to 2.

    Yes: Butzbaugh, López

    No: Pollard, Browning, Alexander, Ueland, Jaffe, Stone

    Ueland made a motion to affirm the IAD’s declination of this complaint. Jaffe seconded the motion.

    Motion carried by a vote of 5 to 3.

    Yes: Ueland, Butzbaugh, Browning, Alexander, Jaffe

    No: López, Pollard, Stone

    The following policy issues regarding this complaint were referred to the Policy Workgroup:

    Clothing and transportation needs of persons when released from protective custody.

    Report writing discrepancies
  8. Prehearing CRC No. 02-25 (IPR No. 2002-C-0168)

    The appellant was present. Director Rosenthal noted that the appellant’s criminal trial was scheduled for later in the week. The CRC agreed unanimously to postpone the prehearing until the following month.
  9. Workgroup assignments

    The following workgroup assignments were agreed upon:

    Internal Process Workgroup: Miggins (Chair), Browning, Butzbaugh

    Policy Workgroup: Stone (Chair), Ueland, Alexander

    Outreach Workgroup: Pollard, López, Jaffe
  10. Discussion of Public Forums

    Pollard noted that the forums were refreshing and validating and reflected some public angst. Alexander noted the lack of diversity in the participants and recommended having forums on a regular basis. Ueland recommended going directly to targeted communities instead of asking them to “come to us.” Community Relations Coordinator Stewart summarized the verbal and written comments that came out of the forums. The comments were overwhelmingly in favor of police officers not using profanity and identifying themselves at traffic and other stops. Feedback indicated that some of the neighborhood people who attended felt outnumbered and intimidated by the activists at the forums. Neighborhood people were concerned mainly about cut-backs in neighborhood police programs.
  11. Communications Policy for CRC Members

    It was decided to table this issue until the next CRC meeting.
  12. Future agenda issue: more discussion about the role of workgroups.
  13. Next CRC Meeting scheduled for November 19 at 5:30 p.m.
  14. Public Testimony

    Diane Lane, Portland Copwatch
    Dan Handelman, Portland Copwatch
  15. The meeting was adjourned at 8:52 p.m.