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September 3, 2002



MINUTES FOR SEPTEMBER 3, 2002 (Approved by CRC on 9/17/02)

CRC members present: Lopez (Chair), Stone (Vice-Chair), Miggins, Browning, Alexander, Terrell, Shannon, Ueland
IPR staff present: Auditor Blackmer, Richard Rosenthal, Michael Hess, Joseph DeAngelis, Lauri Stewart
  1. Meeting was called to order at 5:45 p.m. by Vice-Chair Stone
  2. Introductions
  3. Ground rules were reviewed by Chair Lopez.
  4. IPR Director’s Report: Richard Rosenthal

    · There is approximately $1,300 in the IPR budget for support of the CRC. These funds could be used to continue reimbursing parking for CRC members, but only about two members have been routinely requesting parking reimbursement. Another option would be to provide better quality food at the meetings. Ric Alexander volunteered to meet with the Director on possible options.

    · Merrick Bobb, who has been contracted to conduct the review of officer-involved shootings and deaths in custody, will be in Portland all day on October 1. He will be meeting with the Mayor and other city officials and the Police Bureau. He will meet with the CRC in the evening.
  5. Discussion of Proposed IPR/CRC Protocols

      Miggins stated that the revised version is in accord with Internal Process Workgroup recommendations.

      Ueland suggested that IPR should consider proposing a revision of the City Code to allow non-sworn Police Bureau employees to bring appeals to the CRC.

      Ueland made a motion to adopt the draft protocol on appeal procedures with proposed amendments. Alexander seconded motion.

      The motion carried unanimously (8 yes votes).

      There was discussion regarding the “2.b.” clause in the declination guidelines. Several members expressed concerns about the current wording that the CRC may decline a full hearing if it is concluded that “there is no reasonable possibility that the CRC, after conducting a full hearing, would recommend any changes with respect to the Bureau’s handling of the complaint.

      Miggins made a motion, seconded by Terrell, to approve the proposed changes in the declination guidelines with the stipulation that the Internal Process Workgroup be assigned to revise the “2.b.” clause and bring the revised wording back to the full CRC for approval.

      The motion carried by majority vote:

      Yes: Miggins, Browning, Alexander, Stone, Terrell, Ueland, Shannon

      No: López

      Browning proposed adding to the protocol that if the option of a Service Complaint is discussed with a complainant during the intake interview that the complainant will be advised that a Service Complaint cannot be appealed to CRC.

      Miggins moved that the Service Complaint protocol be adopted with the specified changes. Alexander seconded the motion.

      The motion carried unanimously (8 yes votes).

      Rosenthal explained that he had added a sentence to 4.f. of the protocol regarding communication with appellant who are represented by counsel relating to the subject matter of their appeal. This sentence has been recently added and was not reviewed by the Internal Process Workgroup.

      Miggins moved to adopt the Pre-hearing Protocol as amended. Browning seconded the motion.

      The motion carried unanimously (8 yes votes).

      (Denise Stone left at this point. Héctor López chaired the remainder of the meeting.)

      Charles Wiggins and Nancy Pionk, members of the IPR mediation group, were introduced and gave a brief professional background of themselves.

      There was discussion about the role of an IPR or CRC member who may sit in on a mediation session. There was consensus that their role is to “observe” rather than to “monitor” the process. There was then discussion about how much time police officers should be given to decide on whether or not they choose mediation. There was consensus that officers should be given three “working days” or “shifts” to make this decision, and that the three days should not include off-duty days, personal leave days, etc.

      Miggins moved that the Mediation Program Protocol be adopted as amended. Browning seconded the motion.

      The motion carried unanimously (7 yes votes).

      Miggins moved that the Mediation Program Guidelines be adopted as amended. Ueland seconded the motion.

      The motion carried unanimously (7 yes votes).
  6. Other Business

    Richard Rosenthal announced that the swearing in of the new CRC members (Mia Butzbaugh and Toni Jaffe) and the “thank you and good-by” for the departing members (Alice Shannon and Eric Terrell) will take place in Council Chambers on October 9, 2002. The “time certain” will be announced.
  7. Workgroup Reports
    1. Internal Process Workgroup (Miggins)

      The protocols discussed and voted on at tonight’s meeting were reviewed and commented on at the last meeting of the Internal Process Workgroup.
    2. Community Outreach Workgroup (Browning)

      The two public forums are going forward as planned. Outreach for the forums has been through press releases, newspaper articles, etc. TJ met with former Chief Tom Potter to get his views on community policing in Portland.

      The forums are scheduled as follows:

      · Thursday, September 12, 2002, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Kaiser Town Center on the corner of N. Interstate and Overlook.

      · Wednesday, September 18, 2002, from 7p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Multnomah Center on SW Capitol Highway.
    3. Policy Workgroup (Ueland)

      The Policy Workgroup has come a long way toward formulating ideas for policy recommendations. It is hoped that some of the policy recommendations will be ready to bring before the full CRC within the next month.
  8. Public Comment: D. Handelman (Portland Copwatch), R. Koenig, M. Bonneau, R. King (Portland Police Association), and D. Lane (Portland Copwatch).
  9. Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.