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May 7, 2002

MAY 7, 2002

Members present: Lopez, Browning, Alexander, Stone, Miggins, Pollard

  2. GROUND RULES: outlined by Chair Lopez.

  3. MINUTES: January 10, 2002 were approved, moved by Miggins, second by Alexander, vote 6-0. The draft minute of April 16, 2002 meeting were distributed.


  5. AGENDA:

    1. Panel discussion relating to issues of police referrals to detoxification center was presented by Member Browning . Panel members were Ed Blackburn, Central City Concern; Dr. Thayer, Hooper Detoxification Center, Officer Kraig McClathery, PPB Center Precinct and David Woboril, City Attorney's Office.

    2. IPR Director's Report:
      1. The Director distributed a working draft of the proposed procedures for appointment and reappointment to the Citizen Review Committee and walked the CRC through the proposal.

      2. The Director asked that CRC and Work Groups to get their input to IPR for the quarterly report.

      3. The Director reported that a CRC read file had been established.

      4. Discussed the case against the two officers involved in the beating of a citizen. The Director will be involved in the investigation.

      5. Handout parking reimbursement procedures.

      6. Discussed the two appeals in which the CRC voted to change a finding to a service complaint when the Committee did not have the authority to do so.
        · Member Browning moved to table the matter and directed the Internal Process Working group to develop a proposal for the next CRC meeting. Vote: Yes- Alexander, Browning, Pollard, Miggins: No- Stone, Lopez.
        · Alexander moved to uphold the original decision of the CRC on appeal 01-10, Second by Browning. Vote: Yes-Alexander, Browning, Stone, Lopez, Pollard, Miggins.

      7. Drafts of IPR #02-10 and #02-13, scheduled for May 21, 2002 were distributed.

    3. Workgroup Report.
      · Browning discussed the need to get an agenda out in a timely manner to CRC members. She hopes to have the King Center scheduled for the upcoming community meeting. The Outreach Workgroup is working on disparity issues for a training in June.
      · Miggins noted that the Internal Process Workgroup would be meeting on May 8, 2002, at 12 noon.
      · Stone discussed police incident de-escalation and how the Committee should work on those issues related to declinations.
      · Member Alexander handed out a draft of the "case review worksheet" and asked members to provide input.
      · Chair Lopez asked the Director to place the role of Workgroup to the next agenda. He voiced some concern about the current practice.


    · M. Rooklidge commented on a public records request sent to the Director.
    · D. Lane commented on the panel presentation and the selection procedures. She also made comments on the service complaint finding and the process for sending the CRC's findings to the PPB.
*APPROVED June 18, 2002