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April 16, 2002

MINUTES April 16, 2002, 5:30pm
Members Present: Ueland, Alexander, Stone, Pollard, Miggins, Shannon, Browning, Terrell
Members Absent: Lopez
D. Stones reviewed the Ground Rules and the members introduced themselves.
The committee members approved the agenda by consensus.
Minutes of January 10, 2002, have not been approved. The committee agreed to review the minutes and approve them next meeting.
Minutes of March 19, 2002 were corrected and approved.
Minutes of April2, 2002 were corrected and approved.
Director's Report
  1. Gladys McCoy Award will go to R. Ueland.
  2. Parking reimbursement requires receipt and notation of activity.
  3. The director will decline cases for review that are not covered by the ordinance or untimely or trivial in the sense that they will not affect change.
  4. Since the last meeting there have been 5 declinations using these criteria.
  5. Prior Hearings update:
    01-12 -- PPB accepted the committee recommendation
    01-15 -- PPB accepted committee recommendation
    01-30 -- Risk Management will evaluate
    01-17 -- the witness was interviewed and the commander will review.
  6. CRC Checklist draft is ready for review
  7. M. Hess will handle CRC business
  8. Carol K. will manage the logistics only.
  9. Terrell is added to the Internal Policy Work Group
  10. Ridealongs are up for repeat.
  11. J. Campbell audit is available.
  12. DA Training was set up in response to the ACLU Training
  13. Hooper Detox is ready for training. This needs to be coordinated with the Outreach Workgroup.
  14. Officer Involved Shooting Reviewer RFP draft is ready and the process needs to be completed by May 20.
  15. Mediation RFP is out. It requires mediation qualifications.
  16. J. DeAngelo gave the Quarterly Report to the Committee. Issues of importance include the need for emphasizing the Internal Policy process
Workgroup Reports
  1. Outreach WG - Working on the Detox Center visit, panel for discussion of the issues of disparate treatment
  2. Internal Policy WG - no specific report
  3. External Policy WG - Identified de-escalation as an issue needing specific policy approaches, case review work sheet almost complete -- draft will be ready for the next meeting.
Pre-Hearing Review
02-10 Motion to hear the case made by Alexander and seconded by Pollard
Discussion: The case was reviewed
In favor: Miggins, Shannon, Alexander, Stone, Terrell, Pollard
Against: Ueland
02-12 Motion to decline hearing made by Shannon and seconded by Miggins based on 2b of the Ordinance
Discussion: The case was reviewed.
VOTE: Unanimous in favor
02-13 Motion to hear the case made by Pollard and seconded by Stone
Discussion: The case was reviewed.
Vote was unanimous in favor
Discussion of the whole issue of pre-hearings. The committee discussed the possibility of hearing all the cases beyond the ones that did not meet requirements such as timeliness, court issue, etc. It was decided to continue with the current plans to decline and have the internal policy workgroup look at the criteria again. Immediately there needs to be a reason to decline, second to support, and if there is no second the default is to hear the case.
*APPROVED June 18, 2002