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April 2, 2002

Members Present: Miggins, Shannon, Lopez, Browning, Alexander, Stone, Ueland, Terrell
  1. Director's Report given by M. Hess, Deputy Director. Handouts were the Appeals Declination Protocol, Protocol for Selection of New Members, and Campbell Report on IAD. Quarterly Report will be discussed next meeting. M. Hess will now be responsible for receiving and posting CRC meeting agendas and minutes.

  2. Multnomah County Deputy DA Wayne Pierson was introduced. He discussed levels of police contacts.

  3. D. Woborel City Attorney discussed various ways he provides advice to the PPB and individual officers.

  4. Pre-Hearings

    01-25. This was sent back last meeting for further investigation. In particular a witness contact needed to be made. This was attemped but not completed. Based on the prior discussion MOTION to decline a hearing was made by Miggins and seconded by Shannon. There was no further discussion.
    VOTE in favor: Miggins, Shannon, Ueland, Lopez, Stone, Browning, Terrell, Alexander.
    Motion carried to decline a hearing.

    02-02. Reviewed by Lopez and Shannon and the MOTION was made to decline a hearing based on 2b of the protocol by Lopez and seconded by Shannon. Discussion followed. VOTE in favor: Ueland, Lopez, Stone, Browning, Terrell, Miggins, Shannon, Alexander.
    Motion carried to decline a hearing.

    02-07. Reviewed by Miggins and Pollard. Pollard was absent but had a conversation with Miggins and they are in agreeement. Miggins motioned a decline based on critierion #2b of the declination guidelines. Motion was seconded by Shannon. The issue of handcuffing while detaining a subject had been dealt with by the PPB already. VOTE in favor: Ueland, Lopez, Browning, Terrell, Miggins, Stone, Shannon, Alexander.
    Motion carried to decline a hearing.

    02-10. Reviewed by Alexander and Ueland. After discussion a MOTION was made decline a hearing. VOTE in favor: Alexander, Ueland, Miggins, Shannon.
    VOTE against: Lopez, Stone, Browning, Terrell
    Tie vote. Discussion was then how to handle a tie vote. A MOTION to hold a hearing was made by Browning and seconded by Stone. VOTE in favor: Terrell, Browning, Stone, Lopez.
    VOTE against: Ueland , Miggins, Shannon, Alexander.
    Vote tied again. Discussion followed regarding serving the appellant and the public. It was discussed whether a tie vote should default to the appellant and a hearing should be held.

    02-11. Reviewed by Terrell and Stone. Terrell made a MOTION to decline on the basis of declination criterion 2b. This was seconded by Stone. Discussion followed. VOTE in favor: Browning, Terrell, Alexander, Miggins, Shannon, Ueland, Lopez, Stone.
    The motion carried.

  5. Miggins, Chair of the Internal Policy Work Group, noted that it is clear that we need to have a protocol for the Pre-Hearing reviews.

  6. Hooper Detox education is needed

  7. Policy question that needs to be addressed: leaving a minor child unattended.

  8. There was a discussion regarding the pre-hearing review process. Members discussed whether all appeals referred to the CRC should have a hearing unless they are clearly not in the appropriate venue.

  9. PUBLIC INPUT: M. Rooklidge, D. Lane, D. Handelman, P. Simpson.
*APPROVED April 16, 2002