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March 14, 2002

Independent Police Review
Citizen Review Committee
Minutes: March 14, 2002 at 9:15 a.m.
Present: Brown, Stone, Lopez, Pollard, Shannon, Terrell, Miggins, and Alexander
Absent: Ueland
Introductions include name and the opinion of the individual as to the progress of the committee and it's work. The public and the City employees were asked to participate.
Director's Report:
  1. The PPB is holding a training session in crowd control at the of p. There will be directions for anyone who will come.
  2. The independent reviewer of deaths and shootings selection is starting.
  3. A group of mediators will also be chosen and a member of the committee needs to participate.
  4. March 27, 2002 at 9:30a at City Council. The Early Warning System will be discussed.
  5. Computer tracking will be available to track Tort Claims and early warning issues.
  6. Security Measures that are already in place at city hall will be activated. All present at the meetings prior to 6 o'clock will sign in the meeting room. After this the sign in will be at the front desk on Floor 1.
  7. The Motion to accept the Appeals Protocol with the declination guidelines was made by Lopez and seconded by Terrell. The motion was accepted unanimously consensus.
  8. The Officer Shooting and Death in Custody Ordinance was reviewed. It was noted that the CRC did not have an opportunity to give their input to the fullest. There was a lot of discussion in support of citizen participation. The council turned this down. There was a lot of discussion about withdrawing from the selection process and Browning made such a motion. Discussion revolved around the importance of the RFP. The way to shape the role and to give a citizen point of view in that manner. A suggestion was made to follow the evolution rather then the revolution road. Director of IPR noted he was to be the project manager. The motion was dropped.
    Minutes of Feb. 19, 2002 were presented and accepted unanimously.
  9. E. Terrell will join the search for Mediators.
Minutes: Feb. 19,2002 Accepted by consensus.
Outreach Work Group - Every effort will be made to have meetings in the community once a month. These will occur in the 5 sections of the city. Committee members need to consider settings. There are guidelines available.
Policy Work Group - The group will develop a letter for the Auditor re the shooting ordinance. When protocol is being developed it takes a research effort. G. Blackmer will be invited to give input. He already developed a workbook for development of recommendations on policy. The priority will be issues developed with the prior committee (face to face interviews by IAD, use of photos with any kind of injury, the early warning system, AIMS). The CRC has identified issues (the use of the Hooper Detox, Officer ID, use of profanity, IAD letters of disposition, Appellants get Police Reports).
Internal Policy Work Group - Improve training, Agenda, Vacation Log, read file for E-mail messages.
Adjourn - 12pm

Training by the Oregon Law Center, ACLU and the Metro Public Defender
Conference Committee for 4pm was canceled.
Business: R. Rosenthal will have a Draft of the Protocol available for the March 19 meeting.
Debriefing took place re the training. Good presentations all around. Police issues coming out were: read appellant's statement in every case when the appellant is not here, More then one presenter for a subject is best, work on getting officers present.
Public Comment: D. Lane, D. Handelman.
Adjourn: 5:00 p.m.