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ENB-18.29 - Sewer Breaks

Administrative Rule Adopted by Office of Neighborhood Involvement

Any damage to or failure of an on-site sewage disposal system, private sewer line or rain drain system.
It is the policy of Neighborhood Inspections to respond to all sewer breaks and failed on-site sewage system complaints and achieve compliance through the Nuisance Abatement process.
All repairs for sewer breaks or on-site sewage disposal must be made under permit. It may also be necessary for the property owner to provide a video of the sewer line. An inspector will determine if videotape is necessary.
Sewer break and on-site sewage system cases receive 30 days from the date the violation letter is mailed to resolve the violation. Once the 30 days has elapsed, Neighborhood Inspections works with the property owners and develops a time frame for getting the abatement completed.
If the owner doesn’t abate the nuisance within the required timeline, the City will request bids, select and issue a work order to a contractor. That contractor will abate the nuisance. Abatement charges will be imposed based on the Neighborhood Inspection Fee and Fine Schedule. The property owner will be notified of the abatement charges. If the charges are not paid within the required timeline the charges will be assessed as a lien through the Auditor’s Office.

Previously published as ONI Policy Number G-60-1.
Effective September 1, 2004