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ENB-18.27 - Property Nuisance - Disabled Vehicles

Any vehicle, which is or appears to be inoperative, wrecked, dismantled, or partially dismantled on any property for more than 7 days.
The Property Maintenance Code, Chapter 29.20, states that a property owner may not store or allow the storage of a disabled vehicle on a property for more than 7 days unless the vehicle is enclosed within a legally permitted building or it is stored by a licensed business enterprise dealing with junk vehicles lawfully conducted within the City.
It is the departmental goal of Neighborhood Inspections that the initial inspection is made within 5 working days of the complaint being received.
Title 29 gives the property owner 15 days from the date the violation letter is mailed to resolve the violation by removal of the vehicle, making the vehicle operable, or proper storage of the vehicle. Once the 15 days has elapsed, Neighborhood Inspections will recheck the property within 5 working days. Rechecks are made to determine if the case should be closed or proceed to the next step.
If the owner doesn’t remove the vehicle within the timelines stated in the Notice of Impending Tow, the City will have a contractor remove the vehicle from the property and abatement charges will be imposed. The charges will be in accordance with the Neighborhood Inspections Fee and Fine Schedule. The property owner will be notified of the abatement charges and if they are not paid within the required timeline the charges will be assessed as a lien against the property through the Auditor’s Office.

Previously published as ONI Policy Number G-45-1.
Effective September 1, 2004