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ENB-18.23 - Housing Case Management

Administrative Rule Adopted by Office of Neighborhood Involvement

The tools inspectors use to gain compliance.
Each inspector uses a variety of tools and techniques available to them to gain compliance on open cases.
Open/Close Housing Cases
Each inspector has the discretion when to open or close a housing case. Inspectors use basic criteria adopted by the Neighborhood Inspection Management Team and they have discretion in determining whether violations are significant enough to warrant a case. When no action is warranted on a case and the inspector closes it after the initial inspection.
Referral to the Code Hearings Officer
It is the policy of Neighborhood Inspections to gain compliance with each housing case. At times this may mean taking a property owner to hearing before the Code Hearings Officer to help gain compliance. Some of the reasons for taking a property to hearing are listed below:
There are significant Fire, Life and Safety violations at the property that aren’t being corrected and comprise the safety of the occupants or the neighbors.
Rental Properties
A rental property where the owner is not making repairs or is making repairs at too slow a pace.
Two Year Review
In the event a case stays open more than two years, the inspector brings the case before the Case Management Review Committee. The inspector presents the case to the committee. The committee makes recommendations that are given to the inspector who proceeds with those actions. The inspector reports back to the committee within two months with a case update.

Previously published as ONI Policy Number G-20-1.
Effective September 1, 2004