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ENB-18.20 - Adult Care Homes

Administrative Rule Adopted by Office of Neighborhood Involvement

The Adult Care Home Program (ACHP) licenses providers to house as many as 5 adults, who need assistance, in a private residence.
Multnomah County regulates the Adult Care Home Program and requires a detailed electrical and housing inspection to be performed by the City of Portland when a home is licensed, when the license is renewed, or the property undergoes a change in ownership. BDS/Combination Inspection provides the electrical inspection and ONI/Neighborhood Inspections provides the housing inspection. There is a charge according to the Fee and Fine Schedule for each of these inspections.
The Bureau of Development Services is responsible for the electrical inspection portion of the Multnomah County requirements. Once the electrical inspection has been completed and approved the file is forwarded to Neighborhood Inspections for a housing inspection. If no violations are found the appropriate paperwork is sent to the owner of the property and to Multnomah County. The paperwork shows that the property has passed the electrical and housing inspections.
If housing violations are found at the property a housing case is started, the property owner and/or provider is notified of the violations and the property is subject to Code Enforcement Fines. The housing case remains open until the violations have been corrected, inspected and approved. Once the case is closed the property owner is notified that the property has passed the electrical and housing inspections.

Previously published as ONI Policy Number G-5-1.
Effective September 1, 2004