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ENB-18.16 - Waivers

Administrative Rule Adopted by Office of Neighborhood Involvement

A waiver temporarily suspends Code Enforcement Fines for a specific period of time. A waiver may be granted if the requirements of Title 29 would cause undue hardship to the owner or occupants of the affected property or when the director deems it necessary in order to accomplish the purpose of this title.
The waiver policy defines criteria and time frame for suspending Code Enforcement Fines. It also identifies conditions under which a waiver exception will be cancelled and fines reinstated.
The purpose of the waivers is to assist property owners by suspending Code Enforcement Fines for a specified period of time. There are several different types of waivers each with specific requirements. It is Neighborhood Inspections policy to grant waivers to those that qualify. Not all requirements are listed here, a complete list of waiver qualifiers is listed in the appendix and filed with the Portland Policy Documents.
  • Active Permit Waiver
    The purpose of this waiver is to assist property owners who have corrected all violations except those needing a permit and have an active permit to correct the remaining violations.
  • Administrative
    The purpose of this waiver is to assist property owners who are unable to do the required work due to significant hardship or extenuating circumstances.
  • Demolition Delay
    This waiver is granted for any property with an open housing case that has been issued a demo permit and has a 35-day demo delay.
  • Hardship Income Waiver for Nuisance
    This waiver assists property owners, such as senior citizens and disabled citizens, that are physically and financially unable to do the work required to abate the nuisance.
  • Income Based
    This waiver is to assist property owners that are financially unable to do the work within the required time line.
  • Multnomah County
    This waiver is for properties owned by Multnomah County that are vacant.
  • New Owner Grace Period
    This waiver gives new owners a specific period of time to correct the violations without a fine.
  • Non-profit Organizations
    Waivers are available for properties owned by Non-profit agencies that meet specific criteria as determined by the director.
  • Paint & Roof
    The paint & roof waiver is granted on properties where the only violations left is repair to the roof and/or the exterior paint.
  • Renovation
    The renovation waiver is granted to property owners performing significant renovation at the property.
  • Warehouse
    The warehouse waiver is granted to unoccupied properties that meet the warehouse criteria in the waiver policy.

Previously published as ONI Policy Number E-60-2.
Effective September 1, 2004
Filed for inclusion in PPD September 30, 2004