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ENB-18.12 - Recorder Program

Administrative Rule Adopted by Office of Neighborhood Involvement

A notification or satisfaction document recorded with Multnomah County.
Once a property has been cited for a housing violation and a violation letter mailed to the property owner for violation of Title 29, Property Maintenance Code, a Notice of Code Violation and Possible Lien is recorded with Multnomah County.
A Notice of Code Violation and Possible Lien is recorded with Multnomah County for Nuisance and Disabled Vehicle cases once the abatement has been completed.
The recorded notice alerts potential buyers that there may be a problem at the property and provides a phone number to call for assistance. The recording stays on the property until the case is closed and the lien is paid. At that time ONI records a Notice of Satisfaction with Multnomah County.
Policy Exception: Temporary Recording
The Multnomah County recording, Notice of Violation and Possible Lien Against the Property, may appear to cloud a title, which makes a sale or refinancing of a property difficult. It is not our intent to prevent or hinder a sale or refinancing of any property.
A Temporary Recording Program for Housing Code Violations has been developed when it is not possible to have all the violations corrected prior to a sale or refinancing of that property.
A Temporary Recording is a notice filed with Multnomah County to temporarily suspend for one day the original Notice of Violation and Possible Lien Against the Property. A Notice of Temporary Satisfaction of City of Portland Housing Code Violation and Possible Lien Against the Property is recorded at Multnomah County with the following warning note:
This satisfaction is being recorded to accommodate the sale or refinancing of a property. At this time, the violations listed in the violation letter prepared by the Office of neighborhood  Involvement have NOT been corrected, inspected or approved. A NOTICE OF CITY OF  PORTLAND CODE VIOLATION AND POSSIBLE LIEN AGAINST THE PROPERTY will be  re-filed against the property once the pending sale or refinancing has been completed.
This document in no way affects the liens against the property. The sole purpose of this document is to facilitate a sale or refinancing by providing temporary satisfaction of a recording.

Previously published as ONI Policy Number E-45-2.
Effective September 1, 2004
Filed for inclusion in PPD September 30, 2004