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ENB-18.11 - Liens/Case Review

Administrative Rule Adopted by Office of Neighborhood Involvement

A review of a nuisance, disabled vehicle or housing case that is on the Auditor’s Foreclosure List, has been internally identified as needing a review, or a review has been requested by the owner or interested party where their appeal rights have expired.
It is the policy of Neighborhood Inspections to form a committee of administrative and inspection staff to review cases that have been identified as needing as review.
The committee reviews open and closed cases at the request of the property owner, foreclosure committee, or based on an internal decision even if it has been previously reviewed or denied. Open cases are reviewed for procedural or inspection errors. Closed cases are reviewed for procedural and inspection errors, mitigating circumstances, and application of current policy.
If the review panel’s decision is disputed the case will then be reviewed by the Consolidated Case Review Committee.

Previously published as ONI Policy Number E-15-1.
Effective September 1, 2004
Filed for inclusion in PPD September 30, 2004