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9402 Wastewater Group - Maintenance

9402‑01    WG, Pump Station Logs
Series is used to record who enters each station and why they are there.  Each pump station maintains a separate log.  Record includes date, name, purpose, time in and other related data.
Confidential?  No                     Vital Record?  No
Record Copy?  Yes                 
RETENTION:  5 years                        
Authority: OAR 166-200-0120(11)
9402‑02    WG, Vibration Analysis
Series is used to track vibration readings on equipment and machinery.  The vibration reading indicates the condition and/or need for maintenance on the machinery.  Record includes date, vibration reading, equipment information, previous readings, graphs, etc. 
Confidential?  No                     Vital Record?  No
Record Copy?  Yes                 
RETENTION: Life of equipment or total rebuild                      
Authority: OAR 166-200-0120(3)
9402‑07    WG, Hot Work/Confined Space Permits
Series is used to guarantee that procedures, required by OR-OSHA, are followed with regard to doing mechanical, electrical, welding or other work in confined spaces.  Record is a permit sheet with job worked, name, time and other related data.  (Individual employee hazardous exposure records are maintained separately in the employee medical file.)
Confidential?  No                     Vital Record? No
Record Copy?  Yes                 
RETENTION:  1 year after expiration  
Authority: 29 CFR 1910.146 (d) (6); OR-OSHA 437 2:J 1910.146
9402‑08    WG, Backflow Prevention Records
Series is used to document annual tests and maintenance of backflow prevention systems, as required by NPDES.  Record is a report documenting tests of backflow prevention devices at the treatment plant.  Information contained is name of agency, address, device make, model, size, tester and other related data.
Confidential?  No                     Vital Record?  No
Record Copy? No                     Where?  Water Bureau (9605-01)   
RETENTION:  5 years
Authority: OAR 166-200-0120(2)
9402‑09    WG, Radiological Licensing Records
Series is used to document compliance with State (OR-OSHA) safety regulations with regard to fixed measuring equipment that uses radioactive material.  Records include correspondence, guidelines and other related material.  Information includes unit location and size, fee rates, rules and regulations and other related data.
Confidential?  No                     Vital Record?  No
Record Copy?  Yes                 
RETENTION:  Permanent 
Authority: 29 CFR 1910.1020
9402‑10    WG, Power Consumption Records
Series is used to track trends in power usage for facilities and equipment.  Series is created to show actual power usage.  Records are copies of utility bills, spreadsheets and other related data.
Confidential?  No                     Vital Record? No
Record Copy?  No                    Where? OMF
RETENTION:  6 months
Authority: N/A (not record copy)

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