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8816 Surfacewater Management


Series is created to formulate policy (City Code) for development as it impact water quality issues. Series is used to ensure that water quality requirements for the city are met. Records include memos, correspondence, policy documents and other related documents. Records include infiltration process and other criteria need for development. While some records may involve home builders, neighborhood associations and state agencies, most records in series include inter-bureau and intra-city policy development.
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RETENTION: 10 years


Series is created to document property or property rights acquired for a specific project. Series is used to track property under city control during the project. Records include copies of easements, surveys, title documents, condemnation records, etc.
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RETENTION: Permanent


Series is used to prioritize property and water quality acquisitions. Series documents conditions found in the watershed. Records include counts, surveys and locations of wildlife, plant habitat, etc. Series is usually compiled by an outside agency such as the Parks Bureau, METRO, consultant or a neighborhood association.
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RETENTION: Permanent


Series is used to assess conditions within the watershed, to determine characteristics, to monitor the effectiveness of project, and to identify trends in watershed health. Records include water quality parameters, sediments, flow data, biological monitoring, streamwalk, physical characteristics, etc. see also Natural Resources Records (8816-03).
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: Permanent


Series is used to preserve water quality in a watershed area and is created to ensure that National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements are met. Records document property acquired for water quality purposes. Records include appraisals, purchase documents, correspondence, photographs, environment site analysis (ESA), survey data, site maps, compliance documentation and other related data.
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RETENTION: Permanent


Series is used to summarize conditions found in the watershed. Series documents proposed courses of action to remediate problems and is intended to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach. Records includes a management plan, water quality data, historical information, environmental assessment, hydrological data, vegetation, conceptual plans, conditions, geo-technical information, modeling, etc. Series provides for the implementation of long range planning goals.
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RETENTION: Permanent


Series is created to identify project sites, to prioritize land acquisitions and to assist with public involvement. Series is used as a reference to the watershed areas. Maps may include typography, locations of waterbodies, vegetation types, ownership, streets, density, streams, outfalls, sewer lines, boundaries, flood plains, neighborhood associations, municipalities, etc. Records may be created from GIs
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Where? Metro Mapping
RETENTION: Until superseded. Destruction of maps is subject to Archival Review.

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Table of Contents
8801 Customer Services
8802 Environmental Compliance
8805 Development Assistance
8806 Engineering / Projects
8807 Wastewater Group - Maintenance Engineering
8808 Public Involvement
8809 Material Testing Lab
8810 Mid County Office
8811 Source Control
8812 Spill Protection and Response
8813 Environmental Monitoring / Investigations
8814 Hazardous Site Management
8815 Pollution Control Lab
8817 Modeling
8818 Data Acquistions
8819 Downspout Disconnection
8820 Financial Planning
8821 Administration
8822 Communications
8823 Information Services
8824 MWESB (Minority, Women, Emerging Small Business)
8825 - Watershed Services
9401 Wastewater Group - Operations
9402 Wastewater Group - Maintenance
9403 Wastewater Group - Maintenance Support
9404 Wastewater Group - Biosolids & Residuals Management
9406 Wastewater Group - Safety
9407 Wastewater Group - Facilities Management
9408 Wastewater Group - Regulatory Compliance
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