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8815 Pollution Control Lab


The series is created to document the analysis of samples and show the results that were found when the sample was tested.  The record is the detailed information of the specific tests that were performed on the sample.  The record includes notebooks documenting the sample prep, sample analysis and results, instrument printouts and spreadsheets with the calculated final results.  This documentation includes the sample ID number, the analysis method, the date and time of analysis, the analyst’s initials, the analytical results, the QC data associated with the analysis and any other information directly associated with the sample analysis.  This series is archived by analysis.



Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: Permanent
AUTHORITY: OAR 166-200-0120 (1); (2); (3); (4); (6); (10)


The series is created to gather in one place the reports obtained from outside laboratories on samples that could not be analyzed at the Water Pollution Control Lab (WPCL).  It includes the hard copies of reports and the associated chain of custody that was prepared when relinquishing the samples to the outside lab.  This series is archived by sampling date.


Record Copy? Yes

RETENTION: Permanent

AUTHORITY: OAR 166-200-0120 (1); (2); (4); (6); (10)


The series is created to document the samples brought to the WPCL for analysis and the final reports.  The record includes chain of custody forms (with any field data or notes from the sample collector) with attached final reports.  The record also includes the field sampling bound logbooks for industry NPDES sampling, and separately, the reports for the samples documented in these logbooks.  This series is archived by project.


Record Copy? Yes

RETENTION: Permanent

AUTHORITY: OAR 166-200-0120 (1); (2); (6); (10); (12)


The series is created to gather all laboratory quality assurance records that are not directly associated with specific analyses on specific samples, but are generally related to the daily operation of the laboratory.  The records include: internal blind QC information and reports, instrument maintenance logbooks, refrigerator and incubator temperatures, equipment calibration and maintenance information, records of purchased reagents and standards, standard and media preparation logs and any other QA records, archived revisions of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), quality manuals, chemical hygiene plans and other laboratory documents, and training documents.  


Record Copy? Yes 

RETENTION: Permanent

AUTHORITY: OAR 166-200-0120 (1); (3)

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