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8809 Material Testing Lab


Series is created to maintain historical data on tests run. Series is created to assure that city standards are met for structural integrity and quality. Series is used as reference and research for job situations and re-tests for all city bureaus. Records include copies of requests to do test, test results, correspondence, maps, locations, geo-technical reports, etc. Examples of tests include but are not limited to concrete, asphalt, corings, borings, soils, aggregate, sieve analysis, density, compaction, moisture, compression, casting, air entrainment, fractures, etc.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: Permanent- soils tests; 3 years after completion- all other records.


Series is used to log information about material sent-to-be-tested. Series is used as a reference to what needs to be done and to compile annual statistics. Series includes date, job number, what received, tests done, etc.
Record Copy? Yes


Series is created to verify supplier certifications and consists of tests used as a quality analysis (QA) to certify that certain runs of material meet city standards. Series tracks products that have been tested and inspected. Record includes manufacturer's name, date type of test done, specific material tested, test results, report number and other related data.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: 10 years


Series is used to bill agencies for costs involved in running materials tests. Series is created to document billing for bureau. Record includes date, center code, material tested, type of tests, name of project, bureau contact information, time, totals, cost summaries, etc.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: 3 years


Series is created to measure soils in specific small areas and is used during construction to measure engineering parameters of soil density. Record includes date of reading, soil data, aggregates, variability, findings and other related data.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: Retain as needed.


Series is used to certify nuclear equipment and gauges used in the Materials Lab. Series is created to assure that federal regulations are met regarding use of the certifications, regulatory reports, tests, safety material, and other records regarding the use or licensing of nuclear equipment and gauges.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: Permanent

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