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8805 Development Assistance


Series is created to document sewer connections and is used to show if a property is connected to the system and the fees have been paid. Series tracks enforcements and contacts with property owners. Record includes property address, property owners name, legal description, contact information, fees paid, date paid, location of sewer connection, permit fees, connection fees, inspectors notes, as built information, and other related data. Series includes C-Pac records and SEWPER system.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: Permanent


Series is created to document properties from which waivers have been obtained. Series is used to document that property owners have waived the right to oppose a public improvement at the time the development is proposed. Series is the original document that has been recorded with the County. Record includes date of waiver, type of waiver (sewer, sanitary, storm, etc.), legal description, address of property, owners name, waiver number, quarter section number, recording information, etc. Some waivers may have been microfilmed.
Record Copy? No
Where? County Recorder
RETENTION: Permanent


Series is created to respond to the Planning Bureau and applicants for land use reviews. Series is used to document requirements and issues on sewerage and drainage issues. Records are used after initial response to clarify responses to applicants. Records include correspondence, response, request to under take review, maps, and other supporting data. Series may include plats, if it is a subdivision review, and pre-application conference records, if a pre-app was held.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: 10 years after last action.


Series is created to check building plans to ensure that Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) requirements are addressed during the building process. Series is used to document corrections the applicants need to make before a building permit is approved. Records include copies of checklists and any correspondence between BES and the Building Bureau or contractor.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: Until permit approved. Checklists for certain projects may be kept as needed since they may set some precedence on how to respond to certain situations.

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8805 Development Assistance
8806 Engineering / Projects
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8808 Public Involvement
8809 Material Testing Lab
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8821 Administration
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8824 MWESB (Minority, Women, Emerging Small Business)
8825 - Watershed Services
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9407 Wastewater Group - Facilities Management
9408 Wastewater Group - Regulatory Compliance
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