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2209 Permit Center

2209-01   ADDRESS MAPS
Series is created to plot and record new addresses in the City.  Series is used to assign new addresses  to lots and subdivisions.  Records include maps that list official addresses of lots within City and urban areas.   
Record Copy?  Yes 
Vital Record?    Yes
Confidential?    No
RETENTION:       One official copy: Permanent.  Retain working copies and drafts as needed.
AUTHORITY:      OAR 166-200-0095(1); OAR 166-200-0105(5)
Series is used to maintain spaces allocated for street use (i.e. parking and sidewalks).  Records include name of applicant, fees, general information, sketch of intended street use, etc.
Record Copy?  Yes 
Vital Record?    No
Confidential?    No
RETENTION:       2 years after event
AUTHORITY:      OAR 166-200-0115(4)  
Series is used to document transactions with the Treasurer’s Office.  Records include transactions with over, under, non pay and trust funds. 
Record Copy?  No – record copy maintained by Treasurer’s Office
Vital Record?    No
Confidential?    No
RETENTION:       15 months
AUTHORITY:      non-record copy 

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