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2202 Permit Records

Series consists of applications to request that a permit be issued for work requiring a city permit.  Series is used to issue proper permits to applicants or their representatives.  Application may include address of permit site, owner, name of applicant, type of structure, type of permit, contractor information, owner information, fees paid, permit number, basic information about work to be done, etc.  Record copy is stored electronically.
Vital Record?    No
Confidential?    No
RETENTION:       2 years
AUTHORITY:      OAR 166-200-0025(5)                          
Series documents authorization for building including construction, modification and demolition of plumbing, electrical, structural, mechanical equipment and other related work.  Series is used to verify the type of work permitted to be done under City/ State Codes.  Permit is a computer record and usually includes permit number, address of job site, owner information, contractor information, legal description, type of work done, inspection dates, comments, signature of inspector(s), etc.  Permits for completed structures will be microfilmed or printed to hard copy for continued retention on a regular basis for long term retention.
Record Copy?  Yes
Vital Record?    Yes
Confidential?    No
RETENTION:       10 years after life of structure
AUTHORITY:      OAR 166-200-0025(6)
Certificate is filled out upon final inspection to serve as notice of completion and recognizing compliance with City Codes and Ordinances.  Certificate includes location, date, owner permit number, construction type and signature of inspector. 
Record Copy?  Yes
Vital Record?    Yes
Confidential?    No
RETENTION:       Life of structure
AUTHORITY:      OAR 166-200-0025(10)
Series consists of the blueprints and specifications submitted by building contractors or owners applying for a permit to construct a commercial, industrial or residential structure.  Series is used for enforcement of building codes and code compliance.  Series may be used as a reference at a later date for modifications to the structure.  Specifications give detail providing type, grade, brand of materials and methods to be employed.  Records include copies of blueprints and plans and specifications which give detail providing type, grade, brand of materials and methods to be employed.  Records may include details related to temporary facilities, job clean-up, deadlines, conditions, etc.  Plans may include plan review check sheets and calculations if appropriate. 
Record Copy?  Yes
Vital Record?    Yes
Confidential?    No
RETENTION:  (A) Residential Structures, Completed: retain 2 years after substantial completion [as defined by ORS 12.135(3)]
                   (B) Residential Structures, Uncompleted: retain 2 years
                   (C) Nonresidential and Publicly Owned Structures:  Permanent
AUTHORITY:      OAR 166-200-0025(7); (8); (9)

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