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March 15, 2005

Citizen Review Committee
March 15, 2005
Approved April 19, 2005
CRC Members Present:  Hank Miggins (Chair), Michael Bigham, Gwenn Baldwin, Loren Eriksson, Marcella Red Thunder, Lewellyn Robison, Jerry Spegman, Bob Ueland,  Irma Valdez.
City Staff Present: Gary Blackmer (City Auditor), Richard Rosenthal (IPR Director), Michael Hess (IPR), Lauri Stewart (IPR), Lillian Dote (IPR)
The meeting was called to order by Chair Miggins at 5:30 p.m.
I.  Introductions  (including new CRC member Jerry Spegman) 
II.  The minutes of the 2/15/05 CRC meeting and the 2/26/05 CRC Retreat were approved as written.
III. Director’s Report
  • The IPR Case Handling Criteria have been finalized and are posted on the IPR website. 
  • Assistant Director Sandrock is writing Standing Operating Procedures for IPR.  When completed, the draft will be presented to the CRC for review.  
  • The discussion of racially biased policing has been postponed until the April  CRC meeting because of the unavailability of the PPB management due to budget deliberations.
  • Director Rosenthal and City Auditor Blackmer have expressed their willingness to mediate with Dan Handelman of Portland Copwatch regarding Mr. Handelman’s complaint about comments made at the CRC retreat.
  • An article about the IPR Mediation Program was headlined on the front page of The Oregonian.  (Unfortunately, the article did not mention Auditor Blackmer, who was chiefly responsible for the creation of the mediation program.)
At the suggestion of Gwenn Baldwin, Director Rosenthal agreed to include in future agendas any action items that would be discussed in the Director’s Report. 
IV.  Election of CRC Officers for 2005:  Hank Miggins was unanimously re-elected as Chair.  Irma Valdez was unanimously elected as Vice-Chair.  Lewellyn Robison was unanimously re-elected as Recorder.
V.  Follow-up discussion of IPR/CRC Protocol 5.17 “Guidance to Working Together Effectively.” 
Gwenn Baldwin repeated her suggestion made at the CRC retreat to add the following phrase to item #13:  “… and to perform due diligence on action items.” 
Marcella Red Thunder asked for clarification of the guideline about giving notice before publicly criticizing others.  It was explained that this guideline was meant to prevent unfair “blindsiding” of others.   
It was agreed that public comment on action items would be accepted before motions are made.  Public comments were provided by Devra Staneart and Larry Norton.  
Gwenn Baldwin made a motion to incorporate the language suggested at the retreat and to make several grammatical and spelling corrections suggested by Ms. Staneart.  Bob Ueland seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 
VI.  Discussion of the structure of CRC workgroups.  There was discussion about whether workgroup meetings should be open to the public, followed by public comments by Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch), Devra Staneart, and Debbie Aiona (League of Women Voters). 
Gwenn Baldwin made a motion to apply the current work group protocol to the Community Advisory Council Workgroup and the Appeal Review Workgroup (allowing the meetings of these two workgroups to be open to the public).  Irma Valdez seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.
The membership of the two new CRC workgroups was established as follows:
Community Advisory Council Workgroup:  Hank Miggins (Chair), Michael Bigham, Loren Eriksson, Irma Valdez
Appeal Review Workgroup:  Bob Ueland (Chair), Lewellyn Robison, Jerry Spegman
VII.  CRC Outreach:  Lauri Stewart will arrange for CRC meetings to be held in community locations the second month of each quarter.  This will begin with the May 2005 meeting, which will be held at an East Portland community site.  The meetings at community sites will rotate to throughout the Portland area.  It was suggested that there should be a public forum at least once each year, possibly in conjunction with a regularly scheduled CRC meeting.  The forum should be interactive and free-ranging.
Public comment regarding community outreach was provided by Devra Staneart, Debbie Aiona, Richard Koenig, Larry Norton, and Dan Handelman. 
VIII.  Follow-up on CRC Retreat.
The following two goals were formulated at the retreat:
  • Goal 1: Increase the credibility among stakeholders of the CRC/IPR program and the complaint process
  • Goal 2: As appropriate, recommend policy changes designed to reduce citizen dissatisfaction with the conduct of police officers.   
At the retreat, strategies and tactics were developed only for the first goal.  Strategies and tactics to address the second goal still need to be developed.  
There was a discussion regarding the handling of unsolicited public comments received by IPR.  If comments are received electronically (i.e., e-mail), and the sender requests that they be forwarded to the CRC, IPR will forward them.  If written comments are received in a non-electronic format, a copy will be sent to the CRC Chair, who will decide whether they should be disseminated to all CRC members.  Pete Sandrock is developing a formal protocol on the handling of unsolicited public comments.  
IX.  Public Comment. Debbie Aiona, Devra Staneart, Larry Norton, Richard Koenig, Dan Handelman
X.  Wrap-up comments:  Gwenn Baldwin expressed a concern that the Police Bureau
failed to address the CRC’s recommendations regarding allegations 2, 3, and 4 in Appeal No. 2004-X-0003.   Irma Valdez suggested that the Police Bureau would be held accountable on these issues when the policy discussion on non-permitted protests takes place.
The meeting was adjourned by Chair Miggins at 7:45 p.m.