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2006 Liens & Assessments - Customer Services


Series is installment/deferral contracts per state law for the payment on assessments for city provided services/improvements. It is used to document city liens and payment options. Records is the signed contract which contains amount assessed, payment option, address, legal description, tax information, amount financed, and property owner's signature. Supporting documentation may include notes, purchasing information, correspondence, real estate contracts, mid-county receipts and a monetary breakdown.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: 3 years after redemption of bond.


Series is the account history for the individual lien accounts. Record is the Lien Accounting System computer report documenting account activity. Record documents payments, notes, special arrangements and problems on the individual customer accounts. Records may include a copy of the release of lien if requested.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: Permanent. Keep on computer system for 2 years after payoff. Print record to paper or fiche for permanent retention.


Financial assistance records are created by council action to help property owners contain costs for special assessments. Assistance is granted to property owners outside city limits in return for a consent to annex property. Records include application/contact for assistance or deferral. Application contains property owner, signature, address, legal description, tax information, amount of assistance, payment information and account number. May also include supporting documentation such as mid-county receipts, copies of real estate contracts, annexation requests and screen prints.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: 3 years after close of Mid-County Project (Scheduled for 1999).


Series is created to document foreclosure on property due to nonpayment of a city lien. Record contains certified letters and notices, proof of mailing, title insurance, correspondence, and notice of publication.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: 6 years after last action.


Series is the mail returned by the post office to the Assessment and Liens Division. Record is copies of correspondence and payment coupons sent to the property owner that have been returned by the post office for lack of a proper address.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: 60 days.

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