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2004 Property Ownership


Series is the City's copy of recorded real property deeds. Series is used to track City owned property. Series is created since the City owned property may be recorded in any one of the three Metro counties (Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington). Records include property conveyance, county recorder information (book and page), easements, and a copy of the accepting order.
Record Copy? No
Where? County where recorded.
RETENTION: Permanent

2004-02 DEED INDEX

Series is created to provide access to deeds for City real property. Series is used to track property owned by the City. Records include property description, city deed number, grantor name, etc. Done on computer since 1990.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: Permanent. Print Record to paper or fiche for permanent retention.


Series is the history of annexations to the City. Series is used to verify dates and type of annexation or withdrawal from source districts. This is a closed series as the annexation function is now done by the Urban Services Division of the Office of Finance & Administration. Records include case records on each annexation which includes maps, documentation, boundary commission correspondence, legal descriptions and other related records.
Record Copy? Yes
RETENTION: Permanent


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