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ENB-13.01 - Charges for Photocopying Material for the Public

Administrative Rule Adopted by Bureau Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

Background :
The public needs copies of bureau records for many purposes. We are required by the public records law to provide copies of public documents, but we may charge for them.

Bureau Policy:
Bureau staff will make copies of public documents upon request and will charge for them.

Procedure :
Bureau staff will charge the following rates:
   Letter size or smaller  Legal size or larger
 First copy  $.50  $1.00
 Additional copies  $.15  $.35
Microfilm Copies:
Size 8 1/2 X 11  $1.00 *
Size 11 X 17  $1.50 **
Size 18 X 24  $4.24 **
* Copied by Permit Center or Document Control staff
** Copied by 3rd floor printing staff
If the time to research the records and copy the documents is less than 15 minutes, staff will not charge for this time. If the time to research the records and copy the documents exceeds 15 minutes, the section supervisor may authorize staff to charge the public for the research and copying time. If the time to research and copy the records exceeds 30 minutes, staff will charge the public for this time. These charges need to be calculated based on bureau policy for research charges.
Money that is collected on the ninth floor should be taken to the receptionist. The receptionist will write out a receipt and give it to the customer receiving the research.
Money that is received in the mail or in the. Permit Center can be receipted by the Permit Center cashier.
Filed by Bureau of Development Services for inclusion in PPD September 29, 2004.
Originally published as Bureau of Buildings Procedure No. A-1-15 dated September 28, 1989.