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2006 Referendum Petition Log

  • Required signatures of active voters - 17,794
  • Petitioners must file their petitions for signature verification within 30 days of the Council action.  
  • Per City Code Section 2.02.040 E., emergency ordinances are not subject to referendum
  • Referendum procedures are available via Elections website
Petition No 3.
Prospective Petition Filed:  7/12/05
Petition to Refer Ordinance No. 179406 , passed July 6, 2005:  "Authorize revenue bonds to finance acquisition of electric system property."
Chief Petitioners: 
Ask the Voters First Committee
Kurt T. Weber - 836 NE Jarrett St, Portland OR 97211,  503-460-2626
Francis Dane - 795 SW Menefee, Portland OR 97239, 503-810-1880
SEL 301 filed indicating One or More Petition Circulators Will be Paid
SEL 221 filed forming Ask the Voters First Measure Committee
Campaign Finance Reports will be due in the Auditor's Office 15 days after signatures are filed.
Status:  7/12/05- Signature Sheets approved for circulation
7/13/05 - Propspective Petition forwarded to City Attorney for preparation of ballot tite
7/20/05 - Ballot Title Received from City Attorney.  Notice will be published in next available edition of Oregonian.  An elector may file a petition for review of the title in Multnomah County Circuit Court no later than 5pm Friday, July 29.

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