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Complaint Categories

Complaints into the following six types:
Force: An allegation that an officer used excessive or inappropriate physical or deadly physical force.
Control Techniques: An allegation that a "control technique" was used unreasonably or improperly. This would include control holds, hobble, "take downs," and handcuffing.
Conduct: An allegation that tends to bring reproach or discredit upon the Police Bureau or City of Portland. It involves behavior by a Bureau member that is unprofessional, unjustified, beyond the scope of their authority, or unsatisfactory work performance.
Disparate Treatment: Allegations of specific actions or statements that indicate inappropriate treatment of an individual that is different from the treatment of another because of race, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, economic status, political views, religious beliefs, or disability.
Courtesy: Allegations relating to rude or discourteous conduct, other than disparate treatment.
Procedure: Allegations that an administrative or procedural requirement was not met. This would normally include the failure of a police officer to follow general policies and procedures that relate to identification, report writing, notebook entries, and property/evidence handling.