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ENB-4.04 - Odor Control Policy for Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant

Binding City Policy

WHEREAS, on November 2, 1994, City Council adopted Resolution No. 35324 accepting the conclusions of Inverness Basin Wastewater Treatment Options, October 1993 and directing BES to proceed with the continuing pumping option along the Marine Drive route; and
WHEREAS, Resolution No. 35324 directed BES to develop with input of the local neighborhoods a proposal to mitigate air emissions from the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant (CBWTP) that establishes a broad policy to govern all projects effecting sewage flows to CBWTP, and bring back to council for approval prior to construction of the Inverness pressure line; and
WHEREAS, Resolution No. 35324 directed BES to recommend specific CBWTP improvements to mitigate air emissions in accord with the policy that will be initiated prior to putting the Inverness pressure line in service; and
WHEREAS, BES has completed a Facilities Plan for CBWTP through a process that included citizen involvement, and through the citizen involvement process established a high priority on elimination of odors from CBWTP that negatively impact neighborhood livability; and
WHEREAS, BES has established a Capital Improvement Program, CMWTP Odor Control Projects, project no. 4563, that identifies funding for odor/air emission mitigation at CBWTP; and
WHEREAS, the CBWTP Facilities Plan identifies major odor/air emission mitigation at CBWTP; and
WHEREAS, BES has worked in collaboration with representatives of the local neighborhoods to develop a proposal to mitigate air emissions as follows:
  1. All major odor emitting sources that were identified in an odor identification report which was completed by Black and Veatch Engineers in conjunction with representatives of the neighboring community in 1994, and odors emitting sources identified in the CBWTP Facilities Plan will be eliminated by December 31, 2006.
  2. BES has established a Citizen Advisory Committee including citizens of the neighborhoods local to CBWTP. The Citizen Advisory Committee will work in collaboration with BES to establish priorities for odor abatement projects, develop semi-annual odor abatement progress reports, and identify new odor abatement projects that become necessary as the result of the identification of new or additional odor sources at CBWTP.
  3. All new projects undertaken at CBWTP will fund odor abatement for odors generated by facilities added or modified by the project.
  4. All new projects undertaken at CBWTP that bring either additional flows or sewage loads to CBWTP will contribute 1% of the cost of construction on the CBWTP site to be used for the sole purpose of funding undesignated odor/air emission mitigation projects. The requirement of the 1% contribution will cease as of December 31, 2006. This requirement may be extended beyond December 31, 2006 by mutual agreement between BES and the Citizen Advisory Committee should identified odor sources still exist beyond that date.
  5. BES, in conjunction with the Citizen Advisory Committee, will establish an odor reporting, program for North Portland. This program will provide necessary materials and training to community volunteers located strategically in the area to assist BES and the Citizen Advisory Committee in determining the source, severity, and priority for odor abatement projects.
  6. BES, in conjunction with the Citizen Advisory Committee, will establish an odor notification system that will allow CBWTP staff to notify the local community when unavoidable activities, such as repairing broken equipment, may result in odor emissions from the plant.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF PORTLAND, a municipal corporation of the State of Oregon, that the City of Portland commits to a program to eliminated odors and other air emissions from CBWTP as identified in CIP project no. 4563 and the process identified in items 1 through 6 above.

Resolution No. 35453 adopted by Council October 11, 1995.
Filed for inclusion in PPD by Bureau of Environmental Services September 29, 2004.

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