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January 18, 2005

Citizen Review Committee
January 18, 2005
Approved February 15, 2005
CRC Members Present:  Hank Miggins (Chair), Ric Alexander, Gwenn Baldwin, Loren Eriksson, Donna Oden-Orr, Lewellyn Robison, Irma Valdez.
CRC Members Absent:  Bob Ueland, Tracy Smith
City Staff Present: Richard Rosenthal (IPR Director), Michael Hess (IPR), Pete Sandrock (IPR), Lillian Dote (IPR), Linly Rees (City Attorney’s Office), Bill Manlove (City Attorney’s Office), Bob Durston  (Commissioner Sten’s Office)
Police Bureau Members Present: Captain Rod Beard (IAD), Sergeant Craig Yost (IAD), Commander Dave Benson (Central Precinct), Lieutenant Dominick Jacobellis, Officer Don Livingston (Training Division), Officer Scott Westerman (Portland Police Association Representative)
The meeting was called to order by Chair Miggins at 5:33 p.m.
I.  Introductions 
II.  The 12/21/04 CRC minutes were unanimously approved as written.  
III. Director’s Report
·    The interviews of the CRC finalists have been completed.  The names of the selected candidates will be submitted to Auditor Blackmer.  
·    Terms for CRC officers are due to expire.  The current officers will remain until new elections are held.  (CRC unanimously agreed to postpone discussion of new officers until the March meeting.) 
·    Regarding CRC Appeal No. 2004-X-0003 (an appeal relating to police actions at an anti-war protest): A follow-up investigation was completed by IAD as recommended by CRC, and findings were made.  When settling his civil litigation, the complainant implicitly waived his right to appeal the findings.  The next step is for CRC to examine the policy issues related to this appeal, i.e., the Police Bureau’s policies regarding the deployment of the Rapid Response Team during public protests.  The next issue on CRC’s prioritized policy review list is racially biased policing.  CRC members agreed to set the discussion of protest policies for the February meeting.
·    There are no new appeals pending at this time. 
IV.       Full-hearing on CRC No. 2004-X-0007.  The appellant alleged that officers used excessive force in effecting her arrest and that of her boyfriend.
The appellant, her attorney, and her companion presented statements.  Statements were then provided by the primary officer, the officer’s union representative, and Assistant City Attorney Manlove.  Commander Benson and Lieutenant Jacobellis explained the rationale for the findings.  Officer Livingston provided information on training officers receive on arrests, control holds, and takedowns.   The Deputy District Attorney who tried the criminal case was also present to answer questions.  Public comment was provided by Dan Handelman (Portland CopWatch) and Larry Norman. 
After CRC heard testimony and discussed the case, Irma Valdez made a motion to affirm the Police Bureau’s findings.  Lewellyn Robison seconded the motion.  The motion passed by of vote of 4-3.   

Yes: Eriksson, Miggins, Robison, Valdez
No:  Alexander, Baldwin, Oden-Orr
V.  IPR Assistant Director Pete Sandrock invited public comment regarding the proposed IPR/IAD Case Handling Criteria.  Public comment was received from Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch) and Debbie Aiona (League of Women Voters).  After CRC discussion, Gwenn Baldwin made a motion to adopt the criteria.  Ric Alexander seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.
VI.  New Business.  Ric Alexander suggested that the CRC should consider discontinuing the pre-hearing process and sending all appeals directly to a hearing.  Director Rosenthal advised that eliminating the pre-hearing process would severely curtail the time available for CRC to address policy and advisory issues.
VIII.  Public Comment.  Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch)
The meeting was adjourned by Chair Miggins at 8:37 p.m.