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UTL-4.02 - Water Bureau's Developer's Manual

Administrative Rule Adopted by Water Bureau Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority

General Introduction
105.11.05 Purpose:
The Bureau of Water Works (BWW) has produced the Developer’s Manual to aid in the design and construction of water systems for new subdivisions. The Developer’s Manual is intended to:
A. Acquaint the Developer with the process to construct a water system within a subdivision;
B. Provide the Design Engineer with all the information necessary to design the water system;
C. Inform the Contractor of the requirements to successfully construct the water system.
105.11.10 Goals:
The primary goal of the Developer’s Manual is to provide all the information necessary to design and construct a public water system within a subdivision. Secondary goals of the Developer’s Manual include the following: to build an addition to the public water system that meets the current standards of construction; and to provide a permanent copy of the plans suitable for archival records.
The entire  Water Bureau's Developer's Manual  is available for download.

Filed for inclusion in PPD September 30, 2004.

Table of Contents
UTL-4.01 - Electric Rail Projects Water System Standards
UTL-4.02 - Water Bureau's Developer's Manual