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Efiles - Search Types

To search Efiles:
  • Select a search type from the list.
  • Type the text to search for in the Search term text box.
  • Click Search or press the ENTER key.

Use the additional fields to refine searches by selecting the search type and entering a search term.


Search Type Description
Any Word Searches words in record titles and notes. 

Multiple terms are automatically joined by AND.

Ex:  Burnside bridge = Burnside [and] bridge

Document Content

Searches in electronic documents for a word or phrase. 

Multiple words are treated as a phrase. 
Use AND to indicate a non-phrasal relationship.

Ex: Burnside bridge = "Burnside bridge"

Record Date Searches for records created within a specified date or a date range. (See Searching by date)
Electronic Document Types Searches for types of electronic documents. Type a file extension into the text box: pdf, tif, doc, xls, mp3. Use *.* to find any type.
Classification Word Searches the classification system for a specified word.
Record Number Searches for matches according to record number. 
PARC Accession Searches for a specified PARC Accession number.
PARC Confirmation Number Searches for a PARC provided confirmation number.

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