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September 21, 2004

 Citizen Review Committee
 September 21, 2004
Approved November 16, 2004
CRC Members Present: Ric Alexander, Gwenn Baldwin, Hank Miggins, Lewellyn Robison, Robert Ueland, Irma Valdez.
Absent: Loren Eriksson, Donna Oden-Orr, Tracy Smith
City Staff Present: Richard Rosenthal (IPR Director), Michael Hess (IPR),  Lillian Dote,  (IPR), Linly Rees (City Attorney’s Office)
The meeting was called to order by Chair Miggins at 5:39 p.m.
I.     Introductions
II.    Approval of 7/20/04 CRC minutes with one abstention (Gwen Baldwin, who was not present for the 7/20/04 meeting)
III.  Director’s Report (Director Rosenthal)
  • Director Rosenthal introduced Lillian Dote, newly hired IPR Management Analyst.
  • 2004 CRC Recruitment:  Four positions will be open this year.  (The positions currently held by Ric Alexander, Gwenn Baldwin, Donna Oden-Orr, and Lewellyn Robison).  The application deadline is 5:00 p.m., October 22, 2004.  We hope to provide the names of appropriate nominees will to City Council for confirmation by December 1, 2004.
  • CRC Appeal No. 2004-X-0003 (regarding a man who was arrested at a war protest) is pending further IAD investigation.  The investigation has been delayed due to the appellant’s attorney canceling his client’s interview on two occasions.  The interview has been rescheduled for October.
  • One additional request for appeal has been received and is under review.  The pre-hearing on this appeal will be scheduled for either the November meeting or the December meeting.
  • IPR Assistant Director Pete Sandrock is developing written criteria for complaint handling by IPR and IAD.  When he has completed this, the draft criteria will first be reviewed by the CRC Audit Workgroup (Ric Alexander, Loren Eriksson, and  Lewellyn Robison) and will then be brought before the full CRC for their review and approval.
  • The Police Bureau’s Citizen’s Academy will take place from September 30 through November 23.  IPR will provide additional information for any CRC members who are interested in attending the Citizen’s Academy.
  • The top two priorities selected by CRC for policy review were:  1) Review of Training Division Curriculum and 2) Racial Profiling.  The Captain in charge of the Training Division will be invited to the November CRC meeting.  If time permits, there may also be a presentation on the Police Bureau’s handling of the racial profiling issue; otherwise, this presentation will likely be made at the time of the December meeting.
IV.  Discussion of the IPR Annual Report:  next report will include an expanded discussion of Bureau-initiated complaints and Bureau discipline.  
V.  Discussion of Tort Claim Review:  IPR is proposing that citizen complaints lodged as tort claims should be treated the same as other citizen initiated complaints.  It is IPR’s belief that this will reduce the City’s liability in the long term.  This proposal will be presented to City Council.
VI.  Discussion and vote on the Proposal for Police Policy Reviews (New Protocol No. 5.18).
  • Gwenn Baldwin made a motion to accept public comments on the work plan at the CRC meeting before the work plan is accepted.  Ric Alexander seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. 
  • Bob Ueland made a motion to adopt the new protocol.   Irma Valdez seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. 
VII.  Discussion of IPR Review of Police Bureau Early Warning System.  Bob Ueland
 and Irma Valdez volunteered to serve as the CRC liaisons for this review.
VIII.  Outreach Report:  Bob Ueland reported that he and Lauri Stewart are scheduled to meet with Southeast Uplift to plan for the next CRC meeting, which will take place at a public site in Southeast Portland
IX.  IPR/CRC Retreat:  The retreat was tentatively scheduled for either Saturday 1/8/05 or Saturday 1/22/05.  Outgoing members will be invited.  Possible items suggested for discussion at the retreat are: the structure, content, and location of CRC meetings (including meetings in the community);  how to identify patterns of police misconduct;  benchmarks for the success of the CRC;  how to work more effectively with the IPR staff and the public.
X.  New business:  the October CRC meeting will be cancelled due to lack of a quorum. 
XI. Public Comment:  Dan Handelman (Portland Copwatch and Flying Focus Video);  Diane Lane (Portland Rights Watch);  Richard Koenig; D. Aiona (League of Women Voters)
XII.  Wrap-up Comments:  Gwenn Baldwin announced that she attended training at the Police Bureau’s Academy at Camp Withycombe and that she also participated in a ride-along.
Meeting adjourned by Chair Miggins at 7:30 p.m.