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ADM-1.04 - Fair Contracting & Employment Strategy

Binding City Policy

1. The Portland City Council authorized the City's participation as the Lead Agency in studies funded by an intergovernmental consortium examining potential racial and gender disparities in the regional construction industry and the regional construction trades apprenticeship systems. The studies were also designed to provide a rigorous analysis of procurement policies and systems with an eye toward systemic improvements for all contractors, regardless of race or gender.
2. The resulting "Oregon Regional Disparity Study" was produced by Mason Tillman, Associates and accepted by the Council on behalf of the consortium of state and local governments in June of 1996.
3. The Study identified problems and/or barriers at almost every tier of a complex system of public procurement and apprenticeship training, and made detailed recommendations for improvements.
4. The Council referred the Oregon Regional Disparity Study to the Mayor's Office and the C-3 Contract Coordinating Committee for development of a comprehensive implementation strategy and plan.
5. Over the last eight months, the Fair Contracting and Employment Strategy has been developed in coordination with affected community groups, the Mayor's Fair Contracting and Employment Forum, other consortium members, and every affected bureau of the City of Portland.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Council directs:
a. The Fair Contraction & Employment Strategy: The City of Portland's Response to the Oregon Regional Disparity Study is hereby adopted. (Attached as Exhibit A*).
*Note: Exhibit A is in PDF format and requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Ordinance No. 170951
Passed by the Council February 26, 1997. Effective February 26, 1997.
Filed for inclusion in PPD November 15, 2002.

Table of Contents
ADM-1.01 - Purchasing Policies
ADM-1.02 - Fair Contracting & Employment Strategy - 3 Year Review
ADM-1.03 - Sustainable Procurement Strategy (Superseded)
ADM-1.04 - Fair Contracting & Employment Strategy
ADM-1.05 - Professional, Technical and Expert Services Contracting Manual
ADM-1.06 - Purchasing Manual (Deleted)
ADM-1.07 - EEO Certification
ADM-1.08 - Purchasing Board of Appeals Rules of Procedure
ADM-1.09 - Sustainable Procurement Policy
ADM-1.10 - Sustainable Paper Use Policy
ADM-1.11 - Proposal to Increase Minority-Owned, Women-Owned and Emerging Small Business Utilization in Professional, Technical and Expert Contracting
ADM-1.12 - Biofuels Requirements for Petroleum-Based Fuels Sold in Portland and City-Owned Vehicles
ADM-1.13 - Assigning Confidence Ratings to Project Cost Estimates
ADM-1.14 - Professional, Technical, and Expert Policy Documents Modification to Address Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Business Subcontractor Concerns and Public Notice Requirement of City Intent to Execute Sole Source PTE Contracts
ADM-1.15 - City Equal Benefit Requirements Expansion to Include Contract Amendments and Revenue Generating Contracts
ADM-1.16 - Sweatshop Free Procurement Policy and Code of Conduct for Apparel Contractors
ADM-1.17 - Sweatshop Free Procurement Policy Administrative Rules
ADM-1.18 - Minority Evaluator on Contractor Evaluation and Selection Panels
ADM-1.19 - Social Equity Contracting Strategy to Increase Minority-Owned, Women-Owned and Emerging Small Business Utilization in City Contracting
ADM-1.20 - Workforce Training & Hiring Program Administrative Rules
ADM-1.21 - Prime Contractor Development Program Administrative Rules
ADM-1.22 - Construction Prequalification Program Administrative Rules
ADM-1.23 – Subcontractor Equity Program Administrative Rules
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