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2002 Form of Goverment (Good Government)

CAPTION: Amends Charter: Changes Form of City Government
QUESTION: Shall Portland be governed by nine member Council (seven elected by district) and managed by a Mayor with veto authority?
SUMMARY: This proposed measure changes the City's government from the Commission form to Mayor/Council form with distinct and separate roles for the Mayor versus Council members. Currently, the executive and legislative branches of the City's government are combined. The Mayor and each Council member manage several departments and vote on legislation. The measure gives the Mayor all executive and administrative authority and the Council all legislative and quasi-judicial authority. The Mayor is not a Council Member, but has veto power, subject to Council override by six affirmative votes. The Council is increased to nine members; two elected at large and seven elected from geographically defined districts. Each Council candidate must have resided in the district for one year. The presiding officer is the President of the Council. Each of the seven district Council members will have an office within their district, and the two at large Council members will have an office at City Hall. Each council member is entitled to at least two paid staff members. No cost estimate has been provided.
View the measure/charter amendment language prepared by the Chief Petitioner.
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Good Government Committee
Robert Ball, Chief Petitioner

Committee to Keep Portland Portland
Bud Clark, John Russell, Mike Lindberg, Directors

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